Greyfriars Bobby…

Remember Chieftan Mews Tweet back on Feb 17th?  It read “私 はそれらに日本語を教えた. See my prowess below. ALAS, I will visit Greyfriars Bobby instead of Hachiko BUT whenever I want to. Bite. Bite. Dog. BBBARk”.  For some reason this was over looked, he is saying he is going to visit Greyfriars Bobby.  Greyfriars Bobby  was a Skye Terrier who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh after reportedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray, until he died himself on 14 January 1872. A year later, Lady Burdett-Coutts had a statue and fountain erected at the southern end of the George IV Bridge to commemorate him.  Read more about Greyfriars Bobby here.   Now if you remember the other dog named Hachiko, and there is a statue of him near the location Radiohead tweeted back on Thursday the 17th when they sent out this cryptic message in Japanese, “渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分” , which in English reads “Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday.” The square is named after a dog

Not sure what to make of this but both are loyal dogs who wait/guard their owners.  I was not aware of either one of these dogs nor their stories prior to creating this site.  There are several films on both dogs that I plan on checking out in the near future, and if you follow the links provided you can find further information on those films.  (I am doubting there are any clues in the films, they just look interesting to me).

Another thing I found on Greyfriars Bobby is In the 1945 film The Body Snatcher, Boris Karloff‘s character (incidentally named Gray) digs up bodies from graves. One of these bodies is that of John Gray. Bobby tries to stop him from taking the corpse, but is struck over the head by Boris Karloff’s character, and killed.  Remember Radiohead’s 2007 album had a song titled “Bodysnatchers” on it.