2 more songs?

This was sent in to me today from Ben In the UK.

2 things I’ve discovered when viewing the ID3 tags of the MP3s of the album :

1) The cover art is only linked properly – and in the same way according to quick Notebook++ scan I’ve done of the files – to the following tracks

Morning Mr Magpie
Little By Little

The other 4 tracks do not display the cover art when viewed with MP3tag(v2.48) application.

Indeed, when adding the MP3s to Media Monkey, the artwork used for the 4 tracks above looks like the same image on the official website, and the other 4 tracks show the same picture but larger and more vibrant, as per the JPG that comes with the download.

Interesting that – almost as if its 2 lots of 4 tracks that were re-ordered to make a whole. Havent tried this new tracklisting yet, but it would mean Codex forms the spine of the, um, codex and the middle of the album would be at about the 4:25 mark into that track.
Guess what? Thats exactly at the point where the track has ended and the spliced birdsong comes in.

2) Interesting fact number 2: extended tags also show that the ISRC codes assigned to the tracks are in the following format:


GB = country of origin
U4B = label/client code
11 = year of release
000## = track number

But, guess what? Yep, the ISRC codes for the 8 tracks we have begin at GBU4B1100003 and end at GBU4B1100010

This is verified here should you need it: http://www.discogs.c…release/2720887

So, for some reason the 00001 and 00002 codes either were not assigned or – speculation alert – were actually assigned to 2 other tracks which are not part of this release…..

Taking In Rainbows for example, the ISRCs were listed as GB-STK-07-000## (where ## is the track number, 01 through 10).

Codex? Code X? Code 10?



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Could these 2 songs be different from the 8 that we have already received?