OK Computer, In Rainbows conspiracy

This story was on October 20th, 2007 on Puddlegum.net click here for original article.


Ten years after OK Computer shocked the world, Radiohead released In Rainbows on October 10 (10/10). Though no one was expecting the album to be released until 2008, Radiohead announced In Rainbows just ten days in advance. In Rainbows, which consists of ten letters, has ten tracks, and would be downloadable from a rumored ten servers.

Radiohead preceded the release of In Rainbows with nine cryptic messages. They repeatedly emphasized X, the Roman Numeral for ten, in phrases such as “March Wa X”, and “Xendless Xurbia”. The tenth message was posted on October 10 with a photo of the band drinking tea.

There has been a lot of speculation over Radiohead’s emphasis of ten surrounding the release of In Rainbows. One theory suggests that Radiohead was typifying a binary code of ones and zeros, 1010101010. This has come to be known as the Binary Theory, also called the TENspiracy by some.

Puddlegum first addressed the Binary Theory in Radiohead: 1010101010. Someone associated with Thom Yorke contacted Puddlegum, sharing Thom’s reaction to Puddlegum’s article:

“The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

Ten days after our original article, we have come to believe that OK Computer and In Rainbows were meant to complement each other. During the writing and recording process of OK Computer, Radiohead used the working title of Zeros and Ones. If OK Computer is represented by 01, and In Rainbows is represented by 10, then we have 01 and 10. In binary code 01 and 10 complement each other.

Consider that In Rainbows was meant to complement OK Computer, musically, lyrically, and in structure. We found that the two albums can be knit together beautifully. By combining the tracks to form one playlist, 01 and 10, we have a remarkable listening experience. The transitions between the songs are astounding, and it appears that this was done purposefully.

The lyrics also seem to complement each other. There appears to be a concept flowing through the 01 and 10 playlist. Ideas in one song is picked up by the next, such as “Pull me out of the aircrash,” and “When I’m at the pearly gates, this will be my videotape.”

To create the 01 and 10 playlist, begin with OK Computer’s track one, Airbag, and follow this with In Rainbow’s track one, 15 Step. Alternate the albums, track by track, until you reach Karma Police on OK Computer, making All I Need the tenth track on the 01 and 10 playlist. Follow Karma Police with Fitter Happier from OK Computer, for tracks eleven and twelve. These two tracks act as a bridge between the first ten and the following ten tracks on the 01 and 10 playlist. Then continue to alternate the albums again, picking up with Faust Arp on In Rainbows, with Electioneering on OK Computer as the following track.

Radiohead – 01 and 10 playlist:
1. Airbag (OK Computer)
2. 15 Step (In Rainbows)
3. Paranoid Android (OK Computer)
4. Bodysnatchers (In Rainbows)
5. Subterranean Homesick Alien (OK Computer)
6. Nude (In Rainbows)
7. Exit Music (For A Film) (OK Computer)
8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (In Rainbows)
9. Let Down (OK Computer)
10. All I Need (In Rainbows)
11. Karma Police (OK Computer)
12. Fitter Happier (OK Computer)
13. Faust Arp (In Rainbows)
14. Electioneering (OK Computer)
15. Reckoner (In Rainbows)
16. Climbing Up The Walls (OK Computer)
17. House Of Cards (In Rainbows)
18. No Surprises (OK Computer)
19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (In Rainbows)
20. Lucky (OK Computer)
21. Videotape (In Rainbows)
22. The Tourist (OK Computer)


You can probably match up a lot of albums this, but I find the part about cryptic message interesting.


So, back in 2007 they were also cryptic messages used to give clues for In Rainbows.  I think we can all agree that out of all the hidden messages going around, the one that stands out the most are the various references to the Moon.  There is the “IMS MENOO” phrase going around, which could be a an anagram for Semi Moon, and has been seen on the band’s website as far back as 2005.  Chieftan Mews talks about The Ides of March which is the name of 15 March in the Roman calendar, probably referring to the day of the full moon.  Back in 2005 Stanley Donwood and Thom Work released a Radiohead Calendar that contains Phases Of The Moon.  On Feb 18th when The King Of Limbs was released Ed O’brien mentioned that it was a Full Moon on that day.  On top of that the Full Moon that will occur on March 19th will be called a “Super Moon” or “lunar perigees” because it will be the closet that the Moon has been in 18 years.

Upcoming Dates on the Lunar Calendar:

March 12th= Waxing moon, crescent, or half moon (semi moon/ims menoo)

March 15th= The Ides of March

March 19th= Full Moon (The King Of Limbs or TKOL1 was released on a Full Moon, almost exactly 1 month from this date)


Let me know what you think.

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  • yourgottisttot

    your bottom!
    this isthe secret!
    No, really, I am big fan and want to understand all this crazy stuff, but I dont think that 0110 was all that great (it was better, but not worth ten years…) i love tkol and really want to see lotusflower backwards (I haveseenit with the music backwords; video forwards. I cant seem to get the video to download so that I can See it backerds)

  • yourgottisttot

    I GOT IT!
    Take OK C, Reverse IN R, Mix them (no sync req) then stand on your head and sing TKOL out of your bottom!
    this isthe secret!
    No, really, I am big fan and want to understand all this crazy stuff, but I dont think that 0110 was all that great (it was better, but not worth ten years…) i love tkol and really want to see lotusflower backwards (I haveseenit with the music backwords; video forwards. I cant seem to get the video to download so that I can See it backerds)

  • al

    Well, tried the combined playlist and… not so impressive. I mean, its Radiohead so its fun to listen to and all but I didn’t find the two albums to mesh in a particularly interesting or unusual way. Not musically, the two albums each have their own distinctive sound. Not thematically, OKC being about a dystopian future and IR being about the temptation of an affair. Methinks this is just rumors…

  • People are definitely overlooking the 14 pages of limb art for “these are my twisted words”. Mews mentioned it a few times.

  • ausdenmoore

    I must confess, after all the “10” clues around In Rainbows that manifested into a ten track album with a ten letter title really had my wheels spinning after TKoL.

    After Radiohead released the 14 pages of limbs with These Are My Twisted Words, I thought the 14 letters in the title “The King of Limbs” might have meant 14 tracks. I guess it still could, but none of the other evidence really dovetails in with that theory.

  • jm

    the “super moon” being the closest it has been in 18 years is interesting, seeing as it’s 18 years since pablo honey was released

  • SorenNikoLegg

    @MeToSpeak Just out of curiosity: Did you know this “theory” already? To me, this is key support for the TKOL2.

    • @SorenNikoLegg I am sure I have read it before, and maybe saw the article a week ago again. I think I forgot to post it.

      • SorenNikoLegg

        @MeToSpeak I remember this from the initial release – and at least w respect to OK C (“0″) and IN R (“1″) + release date 10-10-10 this is ¤¤

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak I think an announcement of some sort on March 12 is the most likely thing right now.

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak And it sets a precedent for conspiracies!

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak I do agree that there is something about the 10’s with In Rainbows that we’re missing though…

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak I also think it’d be impossible and counter-productive to plan out an album/tracklisting that way.

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak I never understood that OK Computer/In Rainbows thing, tried the playlist and never found it meshed THAT well.

  • Carl

    it’ll be released in March 12. 3 more albums are coming in the next moon phases. I’ve said to much.

  • thexendx

    @MeToSpeak new post old news itis an interesting listen though u could mix most radiohead records like that and come up with similar results

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