Thom Yorke solo show in LA tonight?

Update!  From twitter:  See post above


FlyLo on FB: hey guys, just got an email from T, sad to say its not gonna happen tonight. I’ll try to get him there next time hes in LA


This is only a rumor, but if you remember to Flying Lotus using “Thomorrow” on his Facebook page it looks like there will be some type of show with Thom tonight in LA.  It could be him DJing somewhere.   This information is from @drevolution on Twitter.  Below are the messages he has sent out on Twitter:

Thom Yorke secret show tonight in LA. Hit me up if youre down for it. $10. #RADIOHEAD

Whoa. Didn’t expect respsonse details soon. Be in down town LA by 9pm. I’m on my way to location this is no joke

Address in 5 minutes:. #RADIOHEAD

2419 N Broadway, Los Angeles. Airliner. Low End Theory. From the lipz of The Gaslamp Killer himself. #RADIOHEAD

@skullflowar You dont have to believe me. But i’m standing in line with others who are as equally excited as me. #RADIOHEAD

@inkybrown My source said “Thom Yorke solo set.” So I’m going off of that. Come on down! The line is short but growing. #RADIOHEAD


I will update this with details as soon as I hear more.  I am not sure about this being anything related to TKOL2, or if anything is happening at all.