Hidden message in Radiohead photo…

Remember this black and white photo of Radiohead that was recently released which shows the band standing in the woods with 4 of the band members holding their arms out?

This photo was taken by a photographer by the name of Sebastian Edge.  You can follow Sebastian on twitter at http://twitter.com/sebastianedge.  Here is his response to a question he was asked on Twitter about there being a message or clues in the photo.

Here is the question:
@Thomography1342 Thom Greifenstein
@sebastianedge love your work.The portrait of T-Model Ford is also stunning. Many want to know of the hidden “clues” within these rh photos.
And his response:
@sebastianedgeSebastian Edge
@Thomography1342 thank you thom. James was great to make a portrait of, alot of storey and life. I hope you enjoy the clues
Now there has been a lot of speculation as to what this message is in the photo.  Why is everyone raising an arm or “limb”except for Colin?  In my opinion, it seems like this could mean 4 limbs, or 4 parts to the album.  I just can’t imagine them raising their arms in that manner without it meaning something more.  I would love to hear what everyone else thinks, so by all means leave a comment.  Thanks to Thom G. (not Thom Yorke) for sending the information to me.
Update 1:  It was also brought to my attention that on Sebastian Edge’s personal blog he has the image saved as “sebedgeRadiohead1.jpg”   You can visit his blog here.  This may not mean anything, and there was a different picture that was show in the print edition of NME from the same shoot.  Maybe he has different photos for Part 2, etc.
Here is another thing, look on the original photo above where Ed’s left arm is (he is on the far right side of the photo).  You can see what looks to be a skull.  This was sent in by Elton.  He outlined the skull in red.
Here is another one zoomed in a little:
Notice its at the very top of the outlined image.  This could be the same effect when people see images of Jesus on toast, etc.  Though I thought if I posted this we could discuss it further and maybe someone maybe be able to find something with the right software.


Update #2 also from Elton.

I don’t know why, but this image resembles Queen Victoria of England to me. The hair and how it goes behind her ears, the shape of her face… And one other thing. From Wikipedia: “Her Golden and Diamond Jubilees were times of public celebration.”

Queen of Diamonds?
Here is the image he is describing, followed by a picture of Queen Victoria.
He does have a good point here, and I have heard several people talk about seeing some image or figure down that road in the image.


Also, these could be considered a specter, which is  A ghostly apparition; a phantom, or A haunting or disturbing image or prospect.  Source here. Also, I think spectre is the English (UK) was of spelling it.  Sort of like the word tire is often spelled tyre in the UK. (Correct me if I am wrong)


Check this out!  On October 31st, 2011 Colin Greenwood made the following entry on Radiohead’s website:

Haunted Air

A brilliant book of found halloween photographs from the United States

“Stranded spectres”


“The photographs just crept into my life, ghost after ghoul, spook after spectres. First I’d find one, then another. It was a bit like following a track through the woods. They came from different areas, different people, from all over America. I’d always had an interest in early photography and often spent time looking through old pictures, but I’d never seen anything like these images before.”

Ossian Brown is talking about the collection of Halloween photographs he has been building up for the past 10 years. He says he can’t remember the first picture he actually bought, but he does remember the first pictures he didn’t get.

link: here

The link no longer works, so I removed it.  Though it took you to a website which showed a bunch of “specters” or “spectres”
Thanks to @thexendx on Twitter for the info!
Here is another image from the picture:
Here is another strange image I see near the other one of the “queen”… Take a look. Best Wishes, Patrick