Radiohead website redesigned…

Radiohead have redone the entire design of their website, and the home page now has what appears the be the tree branch artwork from “These Are My Twisted Words” growing up from the bottom of the page.  This could be nothing more than a new design and layout, or maybe they are getting ready to make some type of announcement?  Below is a screen shot of the new website:

Below is the artwork from “These Are My Twisted Words”.

This picture by Stanley Donwood is also appearing on their website for the first time(I think).  It is also his background on Twitter.  Here is a link to Stanley’s twitter

This is on the source code of the new website

<meta name=”Description” content=”RADIOHEAD.COM – home of our hypertextual sprawl since 1996.” />
<meta name=”Author” content=”Stanley Donwood, Dr. Tchock, Max Kolombos” />


These are the dates I think something will most likely happen on:

Upcoming Dates on the Lunar Calendar:

March 12th= Waxing moon, crescent, or half moon (semi moon/ims menoo)

March 15th= The Ides of March

March 19th= Full Moon (The King Of Limbs or TKOL1 was released on a Full Moon, almost exactly 1 month from this date).  This day is also going to produce a Super Moon, it will be the closest that the Moon has been in 18 years.