No Mews is Good News…

We have finally made it to March 12, the date of the Half Moon or “Semi-Moon”.   I think with the recent events in Japan that it may delay any release or announcement that might have been planned.   Keep in mind that this is only an album, so it pales in comparison to the loss of lives and destruction that has taken place in Japan and the rest of the world.  There are also several ways that you can make a donation to the Red Cross to help those affected by clicking here.

Here is a promotional picture for The King Of Limbs that has recently surfaced:

The artwork in this photo looks a lot like the original artwork we saw when The King Of Limbs was announced.  The monster or ghostly figure in that had 6 “limbs” where this one has only 4.

Here is an additional promotional banner:


























Notice in two of these photos Radiohead is spelled backwards.

I also noticed there is a shirt with the reversed logo as well in the WASTE store.  See image below.  See the shirt on the WASTE site Link. Not sure how long this shirt has been available for.


The following 3 photos were taken today at Stanley Donwood’s art exhibit on Greek Street in London.  Thanks to Rob (ytrepus) on Mortigi Tempo for the photos.  Notice the ghostly image or “specter” in the bottom of these 3 photos.

From Rob (ytrepus):

The exhibit was pretty cool. Had probably around 20 or so of his works spanning from the OKC days to King of Limbs. Lots of Eraser stuff. And there was a little cave type thing in the back where a projector was flashing random words and images on the wall…looked a lot like Most Gigantic Lying Mouth outtakes.