Radiohead to release 8 EP’s, and 35 songs?

Could Radiohead’s new revolutionary release method consist of 2 new EP’s per season and a total of 35 new songs?  I have heard many times now that The King Of Limbs sounds like it is 2 EP’s; the first 4 songs: Bloom, Morning Mr Magpie, and Little By Little sound like they fit together very well.  Then take Lotus Flower, Codex, Give Up The Ghost, and Separator and they could be their own EP.  Now take a look at the picture below.  This is from a new banner ad to order The King Of Limbs(I will put the full picture at the bottom of this post.  Now imagine that the 2 orange hands represent TKOL1.  Two EP’s or Limbs (Arms) with 4 songs.


This is from inkybrown on At Ease and Mortigi Tempo with her thoughts on what exactly these hands possibly represent:

4 seasons
2 EPs per season
EPs will alternate between 5-track and 4-track each season, but one season will have two 4-track releases.
(count the fingers!)

(the one season with two 4-track releases could be the one
8 track release of winter, TKOL)

They are moving around like on a clock.

Orange= 8 tracks (TKOL), Winter

Yellow= 9 tracks, Spring

Red= 9 tracks, Summer

Brown= 9 tracks, Fall


Now this make a lot of sense not only to me, but also to the what seemed to be the majority of users on At Ease and Mortigi Tempo (which is extremely rare).  I think it is possible that she could be off on the seasons with all the bird chirping, and song titles like Bloom, and Lotus Flower.  Now, it will be physically released in the Spring.  Also with the artwork, there is almost always a reason for EVERY little detail when it comes to Radiohead and Stanley Donwood.

Keep in mind with all of these Moon theories we have the 15th of March, which is the Ides of March.  March 19th is a Full Moon, and March 20th is the first day of Spring.  Don’t get me wrong, 35 songs is a lot of music to be released by a single band in one year.   Though, according to Jonny Greenwood the band were still recording in his interview with BBC.  We know the band has a bunch of songs that they have played live over the last couple of years.  The song Morning Mr Magpie has been around since “The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time”.  I think there was also an interview with Phil where he mentioned they had “loads” of songs recorded. (I will try and find it)

It could also be that The Newspaper Edition of The King Of Limbs will store all of the other EP’s once they have been released.  We will have to wait and see how it all plays out, though I think this could be considered a “revolutionary” release strategy.  The Kid A/ Amnesiac sessions led to over 30+ songs being recorded and a few other songs that were not recorded but appeared later from those sessions.

Here is the ad:


Here is a list of some of the know song’s that the band has not released yet:

The Present Tense
I Froze Up
Burn The Witch
Open The Floodgates
Skirting On The Surface
Walking Down The Staircase
The Daily Mail
Wake Me Before They Come
Riding The Bullets
Come To Your Senses
Follow Me Around
Big Boots/Manowar
True Love Waits

Here is an interview with Ed O’Brien talking about recording music in different seasons:

On releasing ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ online he said: “It’s a kind of one-off. It could have been a darker side of ‘In Rainbows’ – it’s got that autumnal vibe, we’re leaving the summer and going into the darkness.”

He added that with Radiohead set to reconvene in their Oxfordshire studio this winter, the season might similarly affect the new songs. “Typical Radiohead,” he laughed. “We’re going into the studio in winter. It’s always miserable! Are we at the whim of the seasons? We are! When you’re in a studio in the countryside, the music you make is definitely affected by what season it is.”  You can read the article here.

Let me know what you think.

Here is another new ad that I just found:

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  • I believe you have remarked some very interesting points, thankyou for the post.

  • This idea seems to fit perfectly with the Wall of Ice deal. Recall that the poem in the ASCII code said:

    “i just wanted to reassure readers
    that the following representations
    seeking confirmation
    that before your very eyes
    behind the wall of ice
    that the box is not under threat
    however they are set to remove
    other boxes
    in fact i have a list in front of me”

    When I first read that, the phrase “behind the wall of ice” stuck out to me as something like a veil to cover something up. After coming back to it having listened to TKOL, everything about the boxes fits in with the lyrics in Little By Little.

    “The last one out of the box
    The one who broke this spell”

    Anyways, ‘Wall of Ice’ to me is like a term for the confusion/secrecy/puzzle following the release of TKOL. It seems to fit with the seasonal idea that this wall of ice will slowly “melt” over time as Spring comes, and we’ll find out more. There’s been plenty of sources shown on the blog and here that have hinted that everything will be revealed soon.

    Well it could just be me being hopeful or it could be legitimate, just wanted to share my thoughts.

  • radioheadhead

    This is my hypothesis:

    Each arm does not represent an ep, but rather the two arms together represent a mini-album. You can call it an ep or whatever. People have two arms. Therefore, the king will have two arms. The queen will have two arms, maybe a prince, and princess. Who knows how this will play out… I do think that the fingers represent the amount of songs on each album or ep.

    As far as the seasons being relevant. If you think about the artwork for TKOL, the limbs are bare as they are in winter. Perhaps the artwork will change to reflect the seasons. It has been mentioned that Staney has been involved in an ambitious art project for the band. Artwork for four albums that follow a theme like this would be a huge amount of work. Jonny just said that they are still kind of recording. They may have a firm structure for release, but still hashing out the order of songs. They are prolific writers, so it maybe an ever-evolving entity. Only time will tell. Even if nothing happens, I haven’t been this excited about music in a long time.

    • They’ve recorded since 2009 then I really think they’re recording completely new material right now which won’t be included in the current project.
      If they will release new material (something like the 8 EPs theory…) it will be made up of material recorded between 2009 and 2010, I guess…
      If all the theories we’re saying are true, I think projects like this can only be planned with all the stuff ready, not on the run

      • Radioheadhead

        I appreciate your opinion. However, everything anyone says on here is speculation until the truth is revealed. It is not outside the realm of possibilities that Radiohead may continuously work on recording a group of songs until they get them just right. Finishing touches often take a while. This is true especially when you are talking about a band of perfectionists like Radiohead. Thanks for your response. It’s nice to know someone read what I wrote.

  • Matt Williams

    I’m liking the 4 seasons theory, but I am thinking along the lines of the 4 Elements.

    Just played the vocal at the very beginning of Codex backwards again, Thom most definitely sings the word “Air”. This backs up my theory that there will be 4 releases in total based on the 4 elements in the order of Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Especially as the child representing Air in the Mark Ryden painting from his book ‘Tree Show’ has a bird on her head:

    Plus the image below representing the 4 elements is too similar to their artwork:

    • ryan

      This would be nice, but my fellows over in Thrice have already conquered such a feat in releasing the Alchemy Index back in 2007 and 2008 which contained for 6 song eps revolving around each element; water/ fire, air/ earth. The eps are an astounding accomplishment that Radiohead could only dream to accomplish themselves. You should really go check it out.

      Having said that, I am looking forward to whatever Radiohead has planned. Thank you

  • Lovely theory. Absolutely bonkers. But lovely nonetheless.

    I’m pretty sure The King of Limbs is the 8 song album we’ve all heard. There may be some further releases but they’ll probably be b-sides of some kind.

  • nini

    Not sure this is relevant: the band didn’t specify that TKOL was an album. When they released In Rainbows, Jonny wrote on 9/30/2007:
    Well, the new album is finished, and it’s coming out in 10 days;
    We’ve called it In Rainbows.
    Now, in Thom and Ed’s recent posts, the word “album” doesn’t explicitly appear…

  • FS

    I think too much expectations are going on, really. I think The Newspaper Album will include more music but all these theories are going too far from reality. Sorry guys, but I can’t believe about “8 EPs / 35 songs / 4 seasons” theory. Also, seem that someone enjoy to have fun of us making it all up… Then, take it easy and enjoy TKOL right now.

  • Thierry

    Hi guys, I’ve just seen on I-tunes the future release of The King of Limbs the 28th march…it’s “only” 8 songs…sorry but I think we need to wait a little bit longer for possible new songs…

    • Jobin

      To the person who said that itunes shows only 8 songs as well; you do realize that updates can be made to that prior to it’s release (when it is under pre-order) and obviosuly Radiohead is not going to reveal their additions (if there any) 15 days early via itunes…

      • admin

        Also, itunes usually messes up and will post everything even if they are not supposed to, because they have so many sites for different countries. I know that is how Beady Eye’s album was leaked.

  • Marc

    Reading on wikipedia too, the Ides of March were also used to mark the 15th of March, May, July and October — possibly release months for future EPs if they’re going that route?

  • babatikido

    If you open these ads/images with a text editor, you can see the date they were created : 21st of february 2011, with an interval of 1 hour.
    Me thinks this proves them legit.

    Excerpt :
    “[…]Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh^@2011:02:21 20:36:32[…]”
    “[…]Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh^@2011:02:21 21:15:06[…]”

    What about the other images related to tkol, are they all “Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh” ?

    If the

    • babatikido


      if these images are 3 weeks old, it would mean they were created around the announcement of tkol.

      More : I find this hands-wheel pretty ugly on the image, but it might fit well with a “lets give’em a clue”, come on why would you put this crypto-sun for other purpose ?

      (sry for bad english)

    • nils

      actually, the somewhat legit looking ones have that photoshop mark in em, the fake one with the hands were all speculating about does not

  • Dindaon

    Hey there !
    For lazy french readers, I translated this post… Enjoy ! :)

    Radiohead pourrait publier 8 EP et 35 chansons ?

    La méthode de distribution révolutionnaire pourrait-elle consister en 2 nouveaux maxis par saison et un total de 35 nouveaux morceaux ?
    A plusieurs reprises, j’ai entendu que TKOL sonnait comme 2 maxis.
    Les 4 premières chansons : Bloom, Morning Mr Magpie, et Little By Little semblent s’harmoniser.
    De l’autre côté, Lotus Flower, Codex, Give Up The Ghost, and Separator qui pourraient former leur propre maxi.
    A présent, regardez la photo ci-dessous.
    Elle est issue d’une nouvelle bannière pour commander TKOL.
    Maintenant, imaginez que les deux mains oranges représentent TKOL1. 2 maxis ou branches (bras) avec 4 chansons.

    Ci-dessous, un message d’Inkybrown publié sur At Ease et Mortigi Tempo qui explique, selon elle, ce que ces mains pourraient représenter :
    4 saisons
    2 maxis par saison
    Les maxis alterneraient 5 et 4 morceaux à chaque saison, mais une seule saison contiendraient deux EP de 4 chansons.
    (Comptez les doigts !)

    (La saison des deux maxis de 4 chansons chacun correspondrait à la sortie hivernale de 8 morceaux : TKOL donc)

    Les bras/branches tournent comme une montre.
    Orange : 8 pistes (TKOL), Winter
    Jaune : 9 pistes, Printemps.
    Rouge : 9 pistes, Eté
    Marron : 9 pistes, Automne

    Cette hypothèse me paraît pertinente, et le semble aussi pour la majorité des internautes d’At Ease et Mortigi Tempo (fait suffisamment rare pour être souligné).
    Mais je pense qu’elle se trompe peut-être sur l’ordre des saisons, au vu des chants d’oiseaux et des titres de chansons tels que Bloom (floraison), et Lotus Flower (Fleur de Lotus). Le CD de TKOL sortira au printemps. A noter qu’il y a presque toujours une raison pour CHAQUE petit détail lorsqu’il s’agit de Radiohead et Stanley Donwood.

    Gardez en tête toutes les théories relatives à la lune autour du 15 mars, date correspondant aux Ides de mars. Le 19 mars est une date de pleine lune et le 20 mars marque le début du printemps. Attention, je sais bien que 35 chansons représentent énormément de musique pour un seul groupe en une année. Mais d’après Jonny Greenwood lors de son interview pour la BBC, Radiohead était toujours en train d’enregistrer. Tout le monde sait que le groupe a un paquet de chansons qu’ils ont jouées lors de concerts ces deux dernières années. La chanson Morning Mr Magpie a fait sa première apparition au moment “The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time”. Il y a également eu une interview dans laquelle Phil explique qu’ils avaient beaucoup de chansons enregistrées.

    Peut-être que la version Newspaper de TKOL permettra d’y ranger tous les EP une fois qu’ils seront sortis. Nous devrons patienter pour connaître le fin mot de l’histoire mais je pense que ce scénario serait cohérent avec la fameuse stratégie “révolutionnaire” de distribution. Les sessions d’enregistrement de Kid A/Amnesiac avaient conduit à plus de 30 morceaux enregistrés et à quelques autres qui, à défaut d’être enregistrés, sont apparues plus tard.

    Voici une liste des morceaux que Radiohead n’a pas encore publié :
    The Present Tense
I Froze Up
Burn The Witch
Open The Floodgates
Skirting On The Surface
Walking Down The Staircase
The Daily Mail
Wake Me Before They Come
Riding The Bullets
Come To Your Senses
Follow Me Around
Big Boots/Manowar
True Love Waits
    Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires…

  • josh22

    I think this is fake. And even if it isn’t, it could easily represent the 8 tracks of the album. I am beginning to think it just isn’t going to happen guys. There will be some b sides, but I can’t see there being another proper release.

    • Ryan

      Then why is there a Newspaper Album? And what does it mean?

      And what’s revolutionary about The King of Limbs then? If The King of Limbs stood as it does today, then there is nothing revolutionary about its release. It’s actually MORE simple than In Rainbows.

      Definitely more music to come. And not just B-Sides.

  • al

    I like this theory, it certainly fits with past RH statements about different release strategies.

    I predict the 4 EPs will be titled “King of Limbs”, “Queen of Diamonds”, “Jack of Cokes”, and “Ace of Base”. (jk!)

  • imoth

    if this is what they are doing, than we should expect digital releases in february, may, august, november and physical releases in late march, late june, late september, and late december.*


  • jo

    i feel the this record could be divided in itself into four seasons. intersecting bird song and other noises come in and gutg and separator seem to have a summery sound. feral and little by little at the opposite solstice seem very dark(in colour) and cold in temperature.

  • nils

    Anyone noticed how it sais 29 march whereas all the others say march 29? Noticed how this one looks completely different from the other ones, designwise? This is a fake.I’ve had ads on Google ads before, as long as there’s no porn or anything in it I’m quit sure they don’t really check its validity. This prank could’ve been pulled of for five euros or something.

  • molonovorecords

    …then, for me it still makes more sense to think about TKOL as the only LP followed by three EP.
    Like the real King Of Limbs: one trunk and three main branches…

  • molonovorecords

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s a connection between four (possible) EPs and seasons…The Newspaper Album will be shipped from 9th May and, if it contains all the EPs, will run down these theories. It makes sense only if they’re going to release another Newspaper Album during the seconf half of 2011. Moreover, this theory also runs downs all the cryptic messages about a central “trunk” of songs (i.e. The King Of Limbs) and other connected “branches” (i.e. EPs) which, instead, seem to be in line with all the clues nested inside the sebastain edge’s pictures…

  • cheekyal

    Also missed Spooks off your list!

  • mjmj

    wow this makes so much sense!!!! now that i think of it, most of the songs from tkol went well with winter anyway…..i bet there’s gonna the sound of waves closing out the next lp/ep instead of birds

  • It could make sense… But I think 8 EPs and 35 songs it’s too much. I don’t think The Newspaper Album will comprise a total of 35 songs. It couls make more sense if they release two Newspaper Album within a year… Anyway, it would be great!

  • Elton

    I just had this crazy idea about what the hands might mean! What if each song from TKOL could spawn four or five more songs? (This goes well together with the idea of each limb spawning more limbs, you know, like a tree does!)
    What do you think, guys? Sounds rather interesting to me. That would definitely be something they might pull of, in my opinion.

  • Elton

    Has anyone thought about the idea that those hands might just represent the song that are ALREADY in the album? 8 hands, 8 tracks, 8 limbs. Just a warm reminder for self and others not to get too excited! :D

  • Jed

    Ok ok… So 8 EPs, 35 songs. Makes sense… But the four seasons represented by all warm Fall colors? This seems a little off to me. It also might be a bit more believable if the newspaper album release was in the Fall- giving time for all of these seasons to pass. I’m not counting it out just yet, but something tells me that there is more to it than just seasons. Maybe the colors represent different band members who are in charge of each section (“season”) of the album? Perhaps it’s just the four months that a section will be released? I don’t know… but from a graphic design point of view, the season theory lacks visual logic/clear communication (which I realize may be on purpose), and the time involved for the album doesn’t match the season theory which spans a year’s time. I also realize that they might just be figurative seasons and not literal times of release, but I’m not quite sold on it yet. Any thoughts?

    • Anin

      I see your point. The hands look almost childish and don’t make any sense from, like u said, a design perspective. There’s something off about it. Will someone do some research on how difficult it would be to fake an ad like this?

    • valentine ghost

      maybe the hands will change palates with every release?

  • Charlesi

    Wall Of Ice for the winter then? :)

  • cosplusisin

    hey, how does the “9 EPs” in the title work? isn’t it just 4 times 2 = 8?

  • sth.sYYR

    This one goes pretty well with natural themes and the whole ‘waking up’ feel of the album. To be honest the ‘seasonal’ release was the first thing coming up to mind – an album for each one. Not sure if TKOL’s winter or spring though, the major release is scheduled to March 29th which can be considered as spring, while being a winter and returning to it again may fit well into whole ‘oxo-degradable’ thing. Or the whole ‘king’ release is a base for other ‘limbs’ this year as ChieftainMews twitted. We don’t know much yet.

    By the way, two creatures on the cover art may also represent that TKOL is indeed 2 EP’s tied together. And this was also one of the first theories coming up to the people’s mind.

    • sth.sYYR

      But the quality of banner is disturbing, so let’s not take things straight yet.

      • Kendyl

        I agree. Plus, it doesn’t follow the design pattern of the other banners at all. “The King of Limbs” looks like it has been cut and pasted there. Questionable.

  • Henry

    Believer Magazine in 2009:

    “THE BELIEVER:…This isn’t the end of Radiohead album art as we know it?

    TY: No, we’ve actually got a good plan, but I can’t tell you what it is, because someone will rip it off. But we’ve got this great idea for putting things out.

    THE BELIEVER: In a digital realm?

    TY: In a physical realm and a digital realm. But, yeah.. no, I can’t tell you what it is. [Laughs] Sorry to be so vague about everything.

    BELIEVER: I’ve heard you talk a lot about singles and EPs. Is that what you’ve been moving toward?

    TY: I’ve got this running joke: Mr. Tanaka runs this magazine in Japan. He always says to me, “EPs next time?” And I say yes and go off on one, and he says, “Bullshit.” [Laughs] But I think really, this time, it could work. It’s part of the physical-release plan I was talking about earlier. None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off. I mean, it’s just become a real drag. It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we’ve all said that we can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us … Jonny [Greenwood] and I have talked about sitting down and writing songs for orchestra and orchestrating it fully and just doing it like that and then doing a live take of it and that’s it — finished. We’ve always wanted to do it, but we’ve never done it because, I think the reason is, we’re always taking songs that haven’t been written for that, and then trying to adapt them. That’s one possible EP because, with things like that, you think do you want to do a whole record like that? Or do you just want to get stuck into it for a bit and see how it feels?”

  • lol

    AWmagad!!! this shite looks so true, lets just hope that all this “clock seasons” rumors to become true :D

  • G-Pl

    I was just thinking with the band photos –
    In one of them, 4 members have their arms raised (except for Colin) and in the other photo all but Jonny are standing (4 members). Could this be further evidence of a possible 4 LPs? Or since there are two photos, 8 EPs?

  • talkingbook

    this would be cool.
    suggestion: add Open the floodgates, skirting on the surface, and follow me around to the list of unreleased new songs.

  • Sadandroid

    Again, in the arm pointing down to the letters EP on the ground, has the number 9 on it

  • bluecalx

    i think there may be an announcement tomorrow morning

  • Trevor

    I will be damned. This theory seems to make the most sense to me. And if that banner is really from Radiohead, that settles a lot. Try to see how the new photos may correlate with this theory as well, not sure if it will though.

    Keep it up!

  • You know what would be cool? To receive 4 cd’s each season or download, but having only bought one time the newspaper album or the digital download, then having the option to pay whatever we want for those new songs, but the payment just one time.

  • Rob

    thats more like it, blog back on form.

    • admin

      Thanks! I don’t think that post was too out of line yesterday. Keep in mind by me posting something here it helps raise debate on whatever the subject it. I could really only see 2 things on that picture, though a lot of others claimed to be able to see more and after looking at the photographers website he does use photoshop and he is pretty good with it too. Thanks for continuing to visit.

  • JeannaeJ21

    @MeToSpeak I believe this is it. And all 8 Eps could be the “limbs” of a main project for 2011. Lovely.

  • Yeah, I agree with TKOL being spring. And You think this is over? found it on this site

    • admin

      Yeah, I have seen it on several sites now as well.

    • Anin

      My wife is a graphic designer and took one look at the banner ad and said it looks like a fake. She said much of it looks copy-pasted together, and its pixellation looks amateurish. Thoughts?

      • You think this is over?

        well, it links to the same place as the other banners, and it’s an official ad placed by google. it doesn’t look like the other ones, but it has to be real.

  • Anin

    Now we’re on to something! Can you post a link to where this banner ad can be found?

  • You think this is over?

    hey…i was the one who showed inkybrown the picture in the first place!! :)

  • Alex

    Thank you for this website man. Been such a fun roller coaster following it the past month. Hope this theory is true.

  • imoth

    this seems right… and is fairly revolutionary, if intended for the one newspaper album.. added one at a time (to empty sleeves?).. in a one year subscription.

  • pulp

    why does each hand have to be an “EP”? could just be counting tracks on fingers

    • Anin

      Well “EP” for lack of a better word. If RH is redefining the EP, then maybe we’ll start calling it the RHP or something, but for now “EP” works.

    • admin

      I don’t think the necessarily have to be, I do think it makes sense though.

  • catholicgirls

    @MeToSpeak ..basically he said they didn’t like the conventional album release method anymore and they would be releasing EP’s periodically

  • thexendx

    @MeToSpeak hehehehe__ so close but so far__ who knows__ i might be wrong;)

  • ludicrosity82

    @MeToSpeak Latest theory is very interesting.

  • catholicgirls

    @MeToSpeak ..awesome to find that interview, I’m pretty sure it was for either Q or NME. I’ll look into it

  • catholicgirls

    @MeToSpeak this makes alot of sense, dude. Thom said in an interview afew years ago that they were considering doing exactly this. It’d be..

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