No Mews Is Good News #2

I am just making a few updates in this post.  This week has been one that we have all been waiting for.

The first thing I want to get into is that Chieftan Mews has deleted some of his old messages on Twitter again.  I think they were deleted yesterday sometime.  He did delete his tweets that refer to The Ides Of March.  Now in my opinion this could mean that they have possibly changed the date, or to make it harder for us to gather information, etc.  I also think that it’s  possible with all that has happened recently in Japan, they could postpone anything that was planned out of concern and respect.  And, if they DO release something this week, it does not mean that they don’t have respect for Japan.  This is just my opinion.

So, lets look at the dates again.  March 15th is The Ides Of March and is tomorrow.  March 19th is a Full Moon and Super Moon on the calendar and is exactly 1 month from the original planned release date of The King Of Limbs, they moved it forward by a day.  Remember Ed O’Brien mentioning the Full Moon?  March 20th is the first day of Spring (Remember this post from yesterday?).

Then if we are getting 1-2 new EP’s per season for a total of 8 this could be how the “Newspaper” edition works.  This was sent in as an e-mail to me.

i’m not tweeting, i don’t post on forums, so i thought i could remind you by mail, in support to the latest “series of 8 lps (or however they appear over the time) theory”, that aphex twin did something similar couple of years ago with his “analord” releases.

“analord” is/are 11 twelve inch vinyls of mean (and beautiful) aphex acid from 2005. first he released lp10 with a leather box in which all of the future releases would fit, and then, over the course of six months, he released the rest. you could only order them from rephlex records site and could not buy them in store.

i know it’s not the same, but is quite similar, prescription-wise, and slightly packaging-wise. all this could be the thing that inspired thom and others. i would even bet my money on the fact that analord vinyl box is a proud item in thom’s lp collection. he is an aphexhead, no doubt.

This person did not want their name mentioned, so that is why it is not included.  I think something like this makes a lot of sense when you think about receiving a total of 8 EPs for a total of 8 vinyl’s.  If this is the case I might guess that its possible that it MAY require an additional purchase.

So, we have all of these references to the Moon, and on top of that Thom and Stanley released the Radiohead calendar in 2005 with Moon phases in it.  There are lyrics in Lotus Flower “and all i want is the moon upon a stick”.  Then we have silence from the band.  We have not even gotten as little as an office chart on  The bands label XL Recordings has articles on their website about Part 2 rumors.  This is an automatic feed on their site, but they would surely delete any post that could be viewed as negative.  And, the band has denied rumors pretty quickly in the past, and these rumors are pretty big and have been going on for almost 1 month.  Another thing when they announced In Rainbows they sent out clues about the binary number 10.  Here is an excerpt from an interview:

Puddlegum first addressed the Binary Theory in Radiohead: 1010101010. Someone associated with Thom Yorke contacted Puddlegum, sharing Thom’s reaction to Puddlegum’s article:

“The meaning behind all of this is right in front of our faces, we’re just overlooking it. [Thom] has been expecting an article much like this one for a couple of years, as have I. But I’m willing to wager he’ll have fun waiting a few more. On the other hand, it seems to annoy him that no one ‘gets it’ yet, given the mountain of clues.”

There are so many clues, but it’s still possible that we have missed or overlooked something.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.