TKOL spelled out in TAMTW artwork and more Chieftan Mews shenanigans

Remember the artwork that came with “These Are My Twisted Words”  Here is what it looks like when you first receive it.  There are 14 pieces of artwork in this picture, when this was released in August of 2009 it said to put the artwork  “in an order that pleases you.”  You can read a bit more about the mysterious release of this single on the Wikipedia page for it here.

Mortigitempo user autoganz recently discovered that you can spell out “King of Limbs” by rotating and flipping artwork found in the download for the 2009 release of These are my Twisted Words (Artwork found here).

Artwork message reads: “this is an artwork file to accompany the audio file. we suggest you print these images out on tracing paper. use at least 80gsm tracing paper or your printer will eat it as we discovered. you could put them in an order that pleases you.”

Now, this was a tweet from Chieftan Mews sent at 2:00PM EST on Feb 21st:

“I tried to arrange the 14 pieces of limb art to make something out of twisted woods and temporally displaced my unit. NOW GO ON! ␄”

I wonder if this has anything to signify TAMTW being in part 2?

Booger Bear from Atease posts:

“It’s obvious that Radiohead has had the title for their album since 2009. Perhaps they’ve had a grand plan all along and we have yet to know of it. I mean every album has had the title or lyric of the album in the LP but TKOL (Palo Alto is also called Ok Computer). Perhaps there is a future song that is a part of TKOL with the lyric or song title TKOL or it called this because it has many additions. Stay tuned.”

Chieftan Mews had also changed his background on his twitter page to this after his tweets yesterday which included the message: “Be more alert!”.


Seems like all this code breaking has led Mews to change his twitter avatar. Immediately after this was discovered and tweeted to Mews, he changed his avatar. This image file is named “effigy.jpg”. Previously “emews.jpg”.

“An effigy is a representation of a person, especially in the form of sculpture or some other three-dimensional form.

A different type of effigy is used in some religious rituals to represent an undesired person or spirit. The effigy is burned as a sign of the participants’ shared intent to banish the represented element from their lives.”


More Burn the Witch references?



UPDATE: Wall of Ice