Stanley Donwood Tweets

Around 5:00am EST this morning (3-18-2011) Stanley Donwood sent out the following message via Twitter:

“ive put a jpg of a new painting here: more to come. but the studio is full of spiders and i think rats too. mews=quiet?”


The link takes you to his newest blog on his website:


“For the past year I’ve been working on oil paintings which are attempts to glimpse into the dark forests that crowd the European – my – subconscious. These forests are where all the native folk-tales of the North are born; Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Baba Yaga and all the rest; the princess sleeping for a hundred years behind inpenetrable thickets of blackthorn, the delectable cottage that houses an oven for children. This is where the creatures prowl – the goblins and trolls that scutter from tree to tree in the bad woods of our minds. In Northern Europe we are deeply afraid of the forest and what it means; the hero is the one who can cut through the blackthorn, or the woodcutter himself. Perhaps this reflects thousands of years of woodland clearance, fields hewn at great cost from the wilderness, or perhaps long memories of dangerous journeys along dark, rutted, signless tracks, never knowing what lurks in the shadows. It’s only comparatively recently that we have reached a condition of industrial modernity which requires us to protect our forests, to enact laws that forbid anyone from felling them. It’s only recently that we have learned to walk in them for pleasure. We profess to love the woods and forests, but most people, I think, if they found themselves alone in the forest at night would feel a deep sense of unease. I don’t think we are scared of the real menaces that may lie in wait, or even some sort of supernatural event. It’s something much, much older, and much deeper. It’s something without a name.”

– 18th March 2011

To visit his website click here.

Not sure what to make of all of this.  Is Mews being silenced?  “mews=quiet?”

Let me know what you think.