“All I want is the moon upon a stick”

So, today (3-19-2011) was the first Full Moon since February 18th, which of course is when The King Of Limbs was released. I know a lot of thought something could happen today, though unfortunately nothing happen. Below is a video I shot of the Super Moon and what it looked like from Orlando, FL.


This photo was sent in by Gerald and was captured in France:


This one was sent in by Nils in the Netherlands:

This photo was sent in by @almagenes on Twitter:

So, I know there are some people out there who have lost hope and I think that after a month that can be expected. On the other hand there are many of us that have not. I can say that personally I am confident that there will be more, and here is why: Let’s go back to ‘In Rainbows’ when it was released under the “Pay What You Will” method. The bands interviews back in 2009 indicated a different way of releasing music though they would not give any details. They also hinted at possibly releasing EP’s in some form.

Now let’s look at The Present Tense (pun intended). The band announce the album on Feb 14th and back on Thursday, Feb the 17th when Radiohead sent out this cryptic message in Japanese, “渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分” , on Twitter which in English reads “Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday.” I think this message just set the stage on how mysterious the band have been so far for this album. The band released the album one day early on Friday, Feb 18th, and Ed O’brien (Radiohead guitarist) mentioned it was a Full Moon. On top of that there is Chieftan Mews, Aporia, Stanley Donwood (which just happened to first use Twitter on Feb 9th- At least that is his first message on his account), the band remaining 100% silent except for Jonny Greenwood’s interview for the “Norwegian Wood” soundtrack, which indicated they were still recording and not planning to far ahead (I never read into this interview too much). And the band’s record label XL Recordings posting rumors about a part 2 to “The King Of Limbs” on their own site. I do realize it’s an automatic news feed, but they would delete that from their site if they were false. I think there are way too many coincidences here to think otherwise.

Now, the physical release is going to released on March 29th (there is a link below if you would like to pre-order it on Amazon.com), so I think they might be waiting until after that. I think an announcement before then could be a serious burden on record sales with “The King Of Limbs”. I know we all wanted something to happen this weekend with the Full Moon and Super Moon, especially with all of the Moon references, etc. And, if in fact this album is a four season album and we already have the Spring portion, wouldn’t they wait until closer to Summer. The first day of Spring is March 20th. The first day of Summer is June 20th and the Newspaper Edition of the album will be shipped out on May 9th, so maybe we will have to wait until around then?

These are just my thoughts on this, let me know what you think in the comments section below. I think patience is a virtue on this.

ALSO! I know I mentioned it my video update yesterday, but I have to give a big Thanks to Tony who has helped me on the new site!! If you have not noticed he has recently made a few posts on the site, and is also a big fan of Radiohead.