Interesting tweets from Sebastian Edge

If you remember back in this post, Sebastien Edge is the photographer who took the 2 photos of the band in the woods with their arms raised.  Just a few minutes ago  he sent out the following messages on his twitter account:

“@sebastianedge: Waiting for the sun to turn the other way”

this is the photo you can see the trees surrounding a lake, if you notice the reflection in the water it has been altered:


Then he sent out:

Moving through the tree line, the sunsets, we wait for it to rise as we wait in the darkness, knowing it will shine again, brighter.. #tkol

#tkol is clearly a reference to The King Of Limbs.  Maybe he is shooting additional photos for the Newspaper Edition, or…….

I think that they would have all of the artwork complete for the Newspaper Edition and they have already started producing them because we are only a month and a half from them being shipped.