Radiohead to release “The Universal Sigh” as a free newspaper Monday

Update!!  Someone already has a copy and is selling it on Ebay:


In this photo its shows the artwork from The King Of Limbs on what looks like the front page of a Newspaper and reads The Universal Sigh at the top, and it also appears to come with some type of flyer as well.  It also reads on both “Please Visit This Site:  The newspaper has 12 pages.


Here is the description:

This is a copy of the Universal Sigh promo newspaper given by Radiohead to promote their The King Of Limbs.
Along with this you will be given a coupon with a unique code and what you can do with it.
Standard tabloid size, 12 pages, this will be sent folded in half.
Postage is $7 for anywhere in the world and I only accept Paypal. Good Luck.

Click here to see actual eBay auction.

Big thanks to thomography1342 on Twitter for bringing this to my attention.

This sold in about 10 minutes for $60.

The Universal Sigh are lyrics from the first track on The King Of Limbs:  “Open your mouth wide
The universal sigh”  You can see all of the lyrics here

It looks as if we will receive some additional news on a possible Part 2 to The King Of Limbs on Monday.  This information seems to have leaked a little earlier than expected.  There will be free Radiohead Newspapers given out on Monday March 28th.  Here is the part of story that has already been leaked:

“H newspaper will be available only in this event and will not be released anywhere else!”

What? A different, extremely limited edition of the already limited edition Newspaper album?

“The newspaper will be distributed to the first lucky ones to be found in Metropolis (University 54), Monday, March 28, at 2:00 in the afternoon. ”


A unique offering for fans of Radiohead!

A unique opportunity to have the Greek Radiohead fans to get the newspaper created for their new album “The King Of Limbs”, as they themselves describe as the first album-newspaper has ever released! The newspaper will be distributed to the first lucky ones to be found in Metropolis (University 54), Monday, March 28, at 2:00 in the afternoon. H newspaper will be available only in this event and will not be released anywhere else! Each person can be photographed on the spot and see the picture of rising at the same time the special site set up ( and will host the photos of people from every corner of the planet where something similar happens. The purpose of Radiohead is to communicate with their fans worldwide, the day of release their new album “The King Of Limbs”, which has already been much discussed, even before the release. See you then in Metropolis, Monday, March 28, at 2:00 in the afternoon!


Free newspaper from Radiohead

On release the album “The King Of Limbs” (28 March), Polish Radiohead fans will be able to get a free newspaper published by the group. Place this event has been accurately selected and approved by the management team. This will be the CK Brave New World, located on Nowy Swiat 63, Warsaw. Beginning at 12:00. As part of a worldwide promotional campaign to the recipients of the paper will be made photos – of course only with their consent. Photos will be posted on, documenting the event. The page will be launched soon.

Original story here and here

So far Greece and Poland have been announced, though more are expected to follow.  There is a website The site has launched!

Update!  It is confirmed that this site is owned by the same person as the band’s label.  Info at the very bottom of this post.

This also seems to go along with Stanley’s last tweet about a project that he is working on a newspaper.  I think this newspaper is separate from the “Newspaper Album”, since those probably would not be given away.  Here is Stanley’s latest tweet:

“a late night and a good print, sampled at least. cmyk then a few more layers i think. probably going to do the edition over the next 2 weeks”

This was also in his blog back on March 2nd:

“I’m currently in hiding in a strange city far from my usual haunts. Events caused by or connected to the production of artwork had become a sort of sticky web of entanglement.
But now, from here, they seem less ensnaring, and my new project, possibly the most ambitious yet, is taking shape across the digital lines of communication. This new project will, if everything goes to plan, involve many major cities of the world.
I feel a little like a Bond villain, hiding from the world in this hilltop fastness, with lists of capital cities taped to the walls of my lair, scrumpled versions of my plans littering the metal floor. I should think up a suitable codename for it, perhaps.”

There are some rumors that there might be some information in the newspaper that may contain certain codes to provide further information.  Right now when you go to that website it asks for a FTP login and password which is only for the site administrator.

Come to think of it didn’t Chieftan Mews say “I’m hidden in your 8-Track”

“Be sure to check where your local newspaper boy lives” – A bird whispered this in my ear…

Remember when Newspapers were distributed this way??

In this photo shows a man in 1934 selling newspapers on the sidewalk.


I am going to try and have all the updates on this newspaper on the site as they become available, though if you are on Twitter be sure and use this tag:  #theuniversalsigh in all of your Tweets about The Universal Sigh.

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