Stanley Donwood Tweets and Chieftan Mews update

Today at around 1:00pm EST Stanley Donwood sent out the following message on Twitter:

“a late night and a good print, sampled at least. cmyk then a few more layers i think. probably going to do the edition over the next 2 weeks”

Now, as I mentioned yesterday I think the Newspaper Edition of the album is completed and ready to go by now.  So maybe he is working on something else.  CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow Black….Printing colors (Thanks to piccoutrain on twitter for giving me this info)


Stanley also updated his blog again today, here is his latest entry:


In this photo:  is the picture with the treeline with more of white background, looks like it may be going into a newspaper.

Last night we started work on printing Divided Woods. This image was an oil painting which was photographed with a Canon eos5D. These cameras are kind of unnerving; they can see more than we do. I was able to pick up the weave of the canvas the picture was painted on from a distance of about two metres. Words like ‘forensic’ and ‘military’ spring to mind.
Anyway, with digital photographs like this the challenge is to try to lose as little detail as possible, so we made 4-colour separations and had these output onto film, and then exposed the fine-mesh screens. Ordinarily nobody would ever use screenprinting to try to create an image like this. As we were informed by experts. But never mind! Onward! Into the Manufactory (which is no longer a terrifyingly squalid cell with sub-zero temperatures, but now, in late March, is actually quite pleasant) and out with the brand-new squeegee, and a very fine sample we made. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and superskinny black. It’s not finished yet, as we have to experiment further, but as you can see from the crappy photo above, things are looking good.

– 23rd March 2011

You can visit Stanley’s blog here

Also, it looks as if Cheiftan Mews has updated his picture on his Twitter account and the image is the same photo it looks to be more blurred than before.  As of  today it has been 9 days since we have heard from Mews, and Stanley did say “mews=quiet?” back on the 18th of March.  Maybe no Mews really is good news?  His picture continues to become more and more blurred, will something happen when it is gone completely?

Here is the latest picture of Chieftan Mews: