More Chieftan Mews Shenanigans

ChieftanMews has recently sent out an obscure message (as always) just now and has changed his profile picture once again:

This image’s file name is called EOT, which we know is an acronym for “End of Transmission”.

ChieftanMews Lying Mouth
Nomen mihi Legio est, quia multi sumus. ␄


Nomen mihi Legio est, quia multi sumus means “My name is Legion, for we are many”. It’s from the Christian New Testament; the gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew describe an incident in which Jesus meets a man, or men, possessed by demons who, when asked what their name is, responds with that.
le·gion. a cluster of souls in the form of a single demon.

via wiki

This saying has a lot of use in popular culture, this wiki article shows that. What could Mews be trying to tell us? Could this be another mention to a possible upcoming song (earlier: Burn the Witch)?

It also appears as if Chieftan Mews Twitter profile picture that was slowly fading/ blurring indicated him going away.  Will we hear from him again?