Open Your Mouth Wide….

As we enter the weekend the anticipation for the newspaper “The Universal Sigh” continues to gain momentum.  The newspaper will be released on Monday March 28th.  If you are going to be at one of the locations where the newspaper is handed out please make sure and take photos and even video of the event.  I would love to feature the footage on the site.  Also, if anyone will take photos of the inside of the newspaper I would really like to share those photos.  Even if you happen to have a copy of the newspaper you can send me the pictures.

If you were not aware this website was mentioned on Rolling Stone’s website.  The article was less than flattering, though I was still thrilled to have been mentioned on their site.  I also feel as if there was little effort put into this article.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“a significant number of the band’s fans have insisted that the eight-song record was the first part of a larger work or series of EPs. One website, The King of Limbs Part 2, is devoted to proving that a follow-up is in the pipeline. This is very odd, as the band have said absolutely nothing to support this theory and have consistently advertised The King of Limbs as a complete, discrete work.”

Here is another excerpt:

“It could be that fans are disappointed that The King of Limbs is a relatively brief work, particularly after waiting four years since the group’s previous record In Rainbows. Others may be let down by the muted, arty music (even compared to their experimental Kid A) on Limbs, and are eager to fit the record into a larger career narrative. Strangely, it could be that many people have forgotten that albums can be brief or contain a relatively small number of compositions after decades of track listings bloated by the expansive constraints of CDs.”

I think they really are missing the point on this.  Of course we ALL know that an album is not defined by the number of songs or its length.   Anyone who knows anything about music is familiar with the track listing of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and their album “Animals” both containing 5 tracks.  But to say there is nothing to support this theory is being a little daft on the writer’s part.  Let’s look at just at just a few of these:  We can start by looking at all of these cryptic messages being sent out by the band, the message sent out on Twitter in Japanese giving only a time and location in Japan.  Or, the band’s complete silence up until yesterday when they announced “The Universal Sigh”.  And when it comes to cryptic messages, nobody does them better than Chieftan Mews.  Chieftan Mews is a character that the band has used over the past few years.  He first Appeared in the series “The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time”, he was on the “In Rainbows” web cast, and now he’s on Twitter.  Stanley Donwood has been sending the same type of messages as a unofficial mouthpiece for the band.  Then on top of that the band, which are usually pretty quick to deny rumors, but have not said a single word since the release.  Then if you back to the band mentioning releasing only EP’s in a “Revolutionary” way, and the fact that the band has repeatedly referred to TKOL as a “record”, NOT an “album”.  Though when you look at the Newspaper Edition it is the only thing listed as an album.  On top of that there is a long list of songs that Thom performed by himself and with Atoms For Peace that are not on this album.

Then the article ends with this:

“Though many of Radiohead’s fans are old-school obsessives who are willing to pore over the band’s website and artwork searching for clues that may lead to new music, a lot of them seem to have very rigid notions of what an album can be.”

I don’t feel as if we have rigid notions of what an album can be, we are just simply looking at the facts, an art apparently long forgotten by Rolling Stone and the other music press magazines who copy/paste the majority of their content and waste time with endless philosophical articles when a real story is right under their noses.   But what can we expect coming from a magazine that praises artists like Kanye West’s and Lady Gaga’s every move.

You also forgot to mention that Jonny Greenwood recently said in an interview that the band were still recording and failed to even mention “The Universal Sigh”

Rolling Stone, “You have not been paying attention”, and “If you think this is over then you’re wrong”.

This story was contributed to by Muggs.

Update: Also on Monday March 28th there is going to be an effort made by many to get #theuniversalsigh as a trending topic on Twitter.  Make sure to use this in all of your tweets on Monday.