Lend a helping hand?

I am trying to see if a couple of you will help me with typing out the text that is in the newspaper(the universal sigh)?  I am going to type the first 3 pages, and I have found someone to type the 4th page.  I am trying to discuss the artwork as well.  Not everyone is able to read the pdf document.  There is at least 1 person that reads this site that is unable to see and I would love to type this out for him.  I know he can not be the only Radiohead fan that would appreciate this, I am sure there are many of them out there.


If you are willing to help please just leave in the comments section which page you can transcribe and you can leave them in the comments or email them to me.  I will also share these with other sites so everyone is able to enjoy the newspaper.




1-3 Josh

4 Muggs

5 BryterSigh

6 BryterSigh

7 BryterSigh

8 SalParadise

9 SalParadise

10 abaddontrixklic

11 hypervillain

12 abaddontrixklic

These videos are from inkybrown, which you should remember from this post about the Seasonal Release theory.  She was kind enough to record the following 2 videos to help with this post.  She narrates the stories for everyone here:

This is her introduction video:

Page # 1

Page # 3

The Universal Sigh description of contents

The Universal Sigh Update

The Universal Sigh Page 7


Thank you so much for making these videos! Please share your appreciation with her http://twitter.com/inkybrown