The Universal Sigh has arrived..

Here is a photo of The Universal Sigh in Melbourne, Australia!

Here it is in her hands(Muggs)!

Photo taken by Behzad at Polyester Records in Melbourne.  Notice this one reads “Tree Climbing For Adults”?

Also from Behzad.

Also from Behzad.

This is also from Australia.  Notice it says “I See Zombies”?


This will be updated with more photos and video as they arrive.

Here is the entire newspaper and in the bottom right corner is the secret code that you scan enlarged:

Download The Universal Sigh in a pdf  here Added new link 3-28-2011

I can now confirm that the newspaper contains codes that are a mystery to be revealed in the future…

They may in fact be part of something bigger….

Also, you can upload all of your photos on this site

You can also upload your pictures here

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