New artwork from The King Of Limbs

Some new artwork appeared today in The Guardian, which is a major newspaper in the UK.

In this photo:  Calling Rocks. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain



In this photo: Permian Beast. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain

You can read the original story here.  The Guardian also mentioned in an article, you can check it out here.  Thanks once again to Gerald for sending these photos in.

In this photo:  Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood stand outside of Rough Trade in London.

Or is it Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain?


Also 2 new tweets from Stanley Donwood today (3-28-2011):

“yesterday=c+m from cmyk. today=interesting time at brick lane. 3000 copies of the universal sigh gone in 1 hr. a secret relatively well kept”

“..if.only… only…keep.trying:…”

“think the photo upload is broke. fix soon. overload. network congestion buffering etc. not called that any more but spose its the same thing”

Also, there have been a few updates on The King Of Fail and Theories page if you have not visited them recently.