New artwork from The King Of Limbs

Some new artwork appeared today in The Guardian, which is a major newspaper in the UK.

In this photo:  Calling Rocks. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain



In this photo: Permian Beast. Photograph: Zachariah Wildwood & Donald Twain

You can read the original story here.  The Guardian also mentioned in an article, you can check it out here.  Thanks once again to Gerald for sending these photos in.

In this photo:  Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood stand outside of Rough Trade in London.

Or is it Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain?


Also 2 new tweets from Stanley Donwood today (3-28-2011):

“yesterday=c+m from cmyk. today=interesting time at brick lane. 3000 copies of the universal sigh gone in 1 hr. a secret relatively well kept”

“..if.only… only…keep.trying:…”

“think the photo upload is broke. fix soon. overload. network congestion buffering etc. not called that any more but spose its the same thing”

Also, there have been a few updates on The King Of Fail and Theories page if you have not visited them recently.

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  • The Butcher

    I think some people need to relax. If you’re a fan of Radiohead, just be happy that they released an album that is definitely enjoyable all the way through (at least in my opinion). Some of you are conjuring up some sense of being failed by Radiohead just because they’re not fulfilling these expectations/conspiracy theories you’ve created on your own; that removes the fun out of all of this. Think about it, they’re releasing two more songs, and I can bet anything it won’t be the last two they put out.

    As for TKOL, it’s only over in the sense that the songs in it have a similar underlying theme and that chapter is possibly done. I like to think it’s obvious why they called it a newspaper album: they won’t be releasing everything all at once, they’ll issue a series of songs over time until they’re done. This fits in with their earlier talks about not releasing a full length album.

    So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • George

    Radiohead finally found a way to make things interesting! Music shouldnt just be about WRITE, RELEASE, TOUR, etc. Thats far to boring!

  • Yeah Josh surprised you haven’t mentioned anything about the Supercollider/The Butcher Record Store Release.

    I am wondering if this is that 2 song deal? “One lucky owner of the digital version of The King Of Limbs, purchased from this website, will receive a signed 2 track 12″ vinyl. Competition closing date 28th March. ”

    The Artwork goes right along with “These Are My Twisted Words” and The King of Limbs. Add all the songs together now we have 11 (12 if you count Harry Patch).

  • Haunt

    Have you seen the artwork for Supercollider/The Butcher?

    • glindsey212

      The supermoon has absolutely ZERO affect on gravitational pull, ie…earthquakes. Assuming that earthquakes, even “tiny” ones, could occur because of the moon being 2% closer to the Earth than normal is just plain ignorance. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of tectonic plates. I’ve read a lot of crazy things since 2/18 but this takes the CAKE

  • Albert

    The planned release of extra music was impeded by the tragedy in Japan. It’s quite obvious Radiohead were aware and expecting some level of effect carried by the supermoon. (ie the possibility of tiny earthquakes). The results looked to have been more massive than they had imagined and it (part 2) did not happen. The whole idea of nature and the references to the moon in the album (moon upon a stick) and the clues in this site, point to this assumption: that TKOL is about the very substance of nature, and its relation with how we perceive it in accordance with the reality of happiness in living things. Hell, if you watched the Lotus Flower video, you’ll actually find Thom simulating an earthquake. I guess it’s just bad luck. I’m done expecting part 2 any time soon.

    • Vannicks

      Japan, know how many people died in Congo around this year because of territorial and tribal attacks? Well, do you?

      Its terrible what happened in Japan but in global perspective its absolutely nothing. Ignorance is a bliss. All these western countries, mine included, are acting like heroes in Libia but meanwhile supply warmongering tribes in countries that do not have shit to put on the table. And if Thom doesn’t want to end up as the next Bono he’d better realize this too being all pumped up about (social) media.

      just take a look here from time to time.

    • FS

      “It’s quite obvious Radiohead were aware and expecting some level of effect carried by the supermoon. (ie the possibility of tiny earthquakes)”

      Sorry, but I think this is a meaningful sign of surrealism’s level which is going on here.

      Josh, please, turn this game off before it’s too late!

      : )

  • Chris

    Has any one used the image on the front of the news paper on there phone, the one that is similar to the black berry messenger one?

  • Vannicks

    If this would be all there is left to see from TKOL Radiohead will severly damage their identity, especially with this newspaper.
    Fun thing for art students and core fans alike but if a large group of listeners is waiting for something and yo do not care to debunk all those rumors, or at least the biggest one, it will lead to a huge disappointment . I am going to wait for my newspaper album before saying its all over. Promising a revolutionary marketing strategy and only bring out a magazine for the mentally insane does not pass in my book.

    • FS

      “If this would be all there is left to see from TKOL Radiohead will severly damage their identity, especially with this newspaper”

      I think this is not a healthy way to approach to music and art in general.

      They’re a band not a multinational company of dreams.

      • Vannicks

        No, its unhealthy to remain secretive but failing to deliver or to debunk your own generated rumour. At least for them, I’ll be fin.

        And placing music or ‘art’ to this holier than thou platform does not impress me. A band that has sold million of records and is claiming to be innovating on marketing strategy is indeed behaving like a company. If you get the fame you’ll have to claim, that’s how it works I am afraid.

        • FS

          I understand what you say but I disagree. I’ve always approached to Radiohead as a great music band, not as ambassadors of something bigger and more “important” (marketing revolutions, earth rescue, etc.).
          They usually have good ideas and an intelligent way to use them, and I think people usually tend to idolatrize and take all that on a primacy level. Which is wrong, I think.
          They’ve released some great music and they’ve got good ideas but they don’t have a mission, that’s the point.
          And I feel like they don’t want to be idolatrized and to be account as world saviours…

          • Vannicks

            Could be for the majority of the crew but mr Yorke has always been font on telling how evil he thinks our governments are. So for that, no Radiohead is more then just a band to listen to for a lot of people.

            And it is not that I listen to that bullcrap but the man has my attention now because they were claiming that they were doing something revolutionary this time and I like their music. No delivery = no interest in what the next thing of Radiohead will be. Most people will just walk along, nothing to see there.

            • FS

              I think every human being is free to explain his opinion about politic and environment, even if he’s part of a music band or group of artists.
              That’s not mean his status will change from ‘member of a music band’ to ‘reference point of our times’ and ‘someone who has a mission and a responsibility for all of us’.
              They didn’t make any promises and they didn’t owe something to us.
              They make music. That’s it.
              But if you hate TKOL, that’s another story…

              • Vannicks

                There is definitely a miscommunication found here. I do not hate TKOL, I love the album. But the promise of a revolution raises my expectations of this concept, just putting out an album and releasing a paper for the artsies and the loonies does not pass for a revolution in strategy according to my book.

                Especially when you have been claiming to be putting out a revolutionary strategy in prior interviews and subsequently pointing out that you are dropping clues along the line. That my friend, raises expectations and possibly dissappointment among people if Radiohead fails to deliver.

            • Big Up

              You don’t make any sense. Have fun not listening to the next album, I guess.

            • veggies

              again and again and again, he didn’t say revolutionary.

            • Toby

              The man is entitled to his own opinions, as is everyone. The product they produce is up for interpretation. Radiohead obviously hold their own emotional connections to the music they make, but listeners can derive their own meaning from the music too.

              And “No delivery?” Just because some random elaborate theory on a conspiracy website doesn’t hold 100% true means Radiohead is not delivering? They are about to release two more songs…who knows what is coming. Just because something doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean it’s not revolutionary. It’s just a band. I’m sure when Carver invented peanut butter a lot of people really didn’t give a shit.

  • Yoon

    Yeah don’t we still have the actual newspaper album to look forward to as well? Like the other guy said, I’m not claiming there is more but why is there all of a sudden a notion that it’s all over?

    The way they release their music is very important to Radiohead, and after all their interviews about topping In Rainbows and continuing to revolutionize the ways of releasing music; I find it hard to believe that after 4 years all they could come up with is a conventional 9.99 price for digital/physical release of 8 songs accompanied with a newspaper filled with jargon we don’t fully understand. Not only does it not surpass In Rainbows; it would be a huge step backwards if this is all we get.

    • Yoon

      And I sound like a total spoiled asshole with that last sentence. I am happy with whatever music radiohead puts out, but I meant this release compared to in rainbows is a step backwards.

    • FS

      Too much theory and too little practice.

      Look at the reality and stick with it.

      Radiohead are a great band but THEY WANT TO BE a “normal band”, as others great bands.

      Too much fantasy has gone on here, too much expectations. It was fun but it’s now useless and hazardous to carry on with all this stuff.

      Like Jonny Greenwood said, they just want to make music and find a good way to release it.
      They’ve just done it and they are recording again.
      Their aim is really far from super-projects related to seasons, moon-phases, branches, limbs and whatever else.

      It’s good to hope but it’s equally bad to shut our eyes and ears.

  • Jed

    I honestly don’t understand why people are saying that TKOL is “obviously” over. It could be over, but nothing’s happening the way anyone has predicted so far… and until Radiohead announces that they’re done with TKOl and moving on, I’m not that there is anything obvious yet at all. I could see them moving on to new things, and I could see them tying something together with TKOL. I could see these two singles tying in somehow. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m not trying to persuade anyone to keep waiting/searching for clues… but I’m also not seeing anything as clear or obvious as some of these comments are proposing! I might even submit they I see the opposite… We’ll see. If I AM missing something, I’d be more than open to anyone sharing what that is with me! : )

  • GiantTurtle

    I’m guessing … TKOL is complete, obviously … And at the time of its launch, it came with the video / single “Lotus Flower “….. Could it be that one of these two paintings (I bet it’s Permian Beast) will be the cover of the album which will be the singles “Super Collider / The Butcher”?… Nah… To much fantasy =S

  • Big Up

    Strange… I like all of the other stuff from this series more than I like what became the cover… Especially divided woods

    Anyway, I too feel that this whole thing is drawing to a close. If they put out new music, I’ll be happy to hear it, but The King of Limbs seems to be complete.

    Oh well…

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