Thom Yorke hands out The Universal Sigh, and new music!

In this picture is Thom Yorke standing outside of Rough Trade Records in London handing out The Universal Sigh.  Notice the sign in front of him reads, “It’s What Keeps Me Alive”?


It also looks as if Radiohead will release 2 new songs for Record Store Day.  Radiohead will be releasing a two track 12″ vinyl on the worldwide Record Store Day. The two tracks are The Butcher and Supercollider.  There will supposedly only be 2,000 copies available, though there are rumors that the code given out with The Universal Sigh may include these songs.

Matt, who is a reader of this site from the UK was at the event and gave the following information:

Thom just handed me the newspaper. Nawt bad.

The code is for the photos, alas (one of Stanley Donwood’s henchmen told me)….although they are all on there already…

I get the idea that its the website ( which will contain extra stuff as thats what the newspaper links to and explicitly tells you to go to.

Who knows.

Probably not even them.

Or, as Thom said to me ‘I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing here’

Here is a video of the event that shows the line going around the building and Thom Yorke himself standing outside handing out The Universal Sigh.



In this picture is Thom Yorke standing outside of Rough Trade Records in London handing out The Universal Sigh.  The sign behind him reads, “All Can Become Normal Again”?

Does Thom Yorke read Listen what he says at around 39 seconds in this video. He says “$60 on eBay”, which was first posted on this site on March 23rd in this post. This story was featured on quite a few websites the following day.


  • I still stand by TKOL being a RECORD and it being totally separate from The Newspaper ALBUM.

    Maybe Separator is actually not so much a Separator of albums but more of a Separator of Record/Album.

    “If you think this is over
    Then you’re wrong”
    (aka If you think The Newspaper is Over you are wrong)

  • SMcL44

    Josh, outstanding site, one of the best sites I have come across to find the newest, most up-to-date Radiohead information. I have been following the site since it was launched and have been thoroughly impressed with all the effort. Keep up the good work!

    The last thing anyone needs to be doing is listening to these pessimistic naysayers on here, and on the web in general, especially the ones attempting to belittle TKOL itself. From what I’ve gathered from the comments, these seem to be the same kind of people who are still brokenhearted that Radiohead aren’t going to make another Bends, and are still bitching about Kid A being too abstract. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen a pessimistic post on here that wasn’t coated with bitterness in some form. Radiohead continue to be one of the few groups out there who challenge the listener to evolve his/her musical tastes and opinions with each album they put out, and the sad reality is that some people are far too small-minded to appreciate, let alone understand that, and would apparently prefer to have Radiohead release the same-sounding music again and again over the years, as is sadly the case with so many other bands out there. The fact remains that for anyone who IS able to open their minds and expand their musical horizons, TKOL is a brilliant album, even if 8 tracks is all it contains. In fact, my ONLY complaint about the album is that yes, it was far too short for such a well-thought-out, layered, atmospheric, beautiful work, one that IMO is far superior to Pablo Honey (then again, what has Radiohead put out that WASN’T?), The Bends, and in time perhaps even Hail To The Thief and Amnesiac.

    As for all the “conspiracy” talk out there, I don’t know whether there will actually be a “The King of Limbs Part 2,” but to rule out even the possibility of more music, or even a companion piece a la Amnesiac, based on mere speculation and little to no empirical evidence seems not only close-minded but downright silly. I’m sure the people who frequent this site don’t need a refresher, but the silence surrounding TKOL and the Newspaper Album, the posting of rumors on the XL site, Chieftan Mews’s Tweets, hidden artwork clues, and now The Universal Sigh (yes, literature is indeed an art), to name a few key pieces of evidence, not to mention that they WILL be releasing two “new” songs, would all seem to indicate that yes, there very well could be something more. Also, as has been mentioned on this site before, releasing another full album anytime soon would completely undercut the physical sales of TKOL (which only came out yesterday/today depending on locality) and also hurt their relationship with retailers. Yet people are saying that since there hasn’t been anything more so far, there won’t be anything more at all? Bitter, pessimistic trolls on here will try to say that The Universal Sigh is the last we will get until Supercollider/The Butcher drops, and will then try to say that Supercollider/The Butcher is it until we get something else, repeating until the whole picture is unveiled and making the naysayers look more and more foolish. All these points, and then some, have been made by the more optimistic (no pun) fans, but I am still having trouble understanding the thought processes behind the ones who seem convinced that there will be nothing more, as no solid, rational evidence has seemed to emerge from their pool of pessimistic opinion.

    • OK ME

      It is incredibly unfair to categorize those of us dissapointed with TKOL as trolls or people not progressive enough to appreciate what Radiohead has given us. I am 32 years old and have lived and loved everything Radiohead has put out over the years. Regardless of genre or style the one consistant aspect throughout Radiohead over the years has been master songcraft and with few exeptions it is not present on TKOL. Yes I have been spoiled by Radioheads offers throughout the years but with TKOL the songs aren’t present and are replaced by ambient filler. To suggest that my feeble mind can not comprehend the brilliance of this record is a bit insulting. ome of the best bass and percussion I’ve ever herd from the band is on the record but often its not enough to save the song.

      • SMcL44

        I wasn’t categorizing the people who were disappointed in TKOL as trolls, but rather the increasing amount of people who are coming to a conspiracy site called and spouting unfounded opinion that there isn’t anything more to come. I didn’t imply that anyone who was bitter or pessimistic IS a troll. I simply stated that trolls on here are obviously bitter and pessimistic. I thought that was obvious, but I apologize for any ambiguity. As for the rest of what I said, I’m sorry if you felt insulted, but I was simply making an observation based on what I’ve read from various comments that people have posted. I think it is rather insulting to dismiss this album as “ambient filler” lacking “master songcraft,” whatever you consider that to be, and to say that “the songs aren’t present,” whatever the hell that is even supposed to mean, so to each his own.

    • Code red

      Dude we are not pessimistic We are disappointed there’s a big difference. Second kid a is my favorite album and the bends is probably top twenty. Just because you are in denial about this album doesn’t make your opinion worth a fuck and how many times can you use pessimistic in a post.

      • SMcL44

        Damn, Code red. You seem like such an angry person. I don’t believe I’m in denial about anything because, as I said, I find it to be a brilliant piece of work. Sorry my opinion isn’t worth as much of a fuck as your angry, hostile one. And I’m also sorry for my apparent over-use of the word ‘pessimistic.’ After all this IS the internet, so next time I will have to look to make a more broad use of my vocabulary and correct mistakes such as those, as opposed to just throwing shit out there like it doesn’t matter or something.

  • dog in the street

    i think it’s fairly obvious more is coming. i also think it’s obvious that there are clues yet to be found, possibly in the paper, possibly not. definitely to with the paper though. i reckon fuck the sceptics and keep going with this josh. it’s fucking awesome.

  • somethingmissing

    This thread suggests to me that this site is in danger of degenerating into a support group for people who don’t get TKOL. There will always be those who don’t, I guess… reminds me of the ones still banging on about getting another Bends. It doesn’t have to be that way. The effort to transcribe The Universal Sigh for visually impaired people proves that there’s a lot that can be done.

  • Matt

    It’s over when they start touring.

    Another album will come this year…an Amnesiac

  • muzzy

    Notice Thom moves his phone so no one flogs it! Imagine the numbers in that phone!!

  • emc282

    The paper is free, why are people complaining?

    • Vannicks

      Because people don’t know what to do with it really. Its not making any sense why they are giving away a newspaper and the content of the newspaper doesn’t solve this problem.

      Its like handing out bricks on the middle of the street. Sure, you could make a nice house out of it, but for god sakes, why in earth are you handing out bricks? To hurl to someone? To use it as a paper presser?

  • @(channel two)

    @josh You should be a betting man;)

  • @(channel two)

    Anyone who thinks this album is disappointing or anything other than their BEST record to date obviously is not on Radioheads level any longer. Which is great because of their most brillant and deviseve record all the haters can finally find someone on a lower more contemporary level like muse, ya you go eat up that fridge buzz and shut the duck up

  • karlmx

    I gree with the comments bellow, this is over and finally i can say that TKOL it’s pretty dissapointing, very inferior to all their previous work, all this adventure with the “clues” and stuff was fun for a while, this is my last comment here, i’m sad and kind of jelous of those who really think of TKOL as a masterpiece

  • Josh

    Keep in mind that we need to get past a physical release of TKOL before anything major would be announced. I would probably stop making updates if I did not think anything was going to happen. I think there will be more, and if I was a betting man, I would bet that we have not heard the last of Chieftan Mews yet ;).

  • @(channel two)

    Regardless of what move is made next TKOL is definitely the BEGINNING of something bigger and sighs with brillant progression too. So open your mouth wide_ or go away so we can play.

  • Trevor

    cwj717…. get outta here. It’s art and a medium that is ment to be looked into and studied. We enjoy it, you don’t, so what should the solution be?

  • A Giant Turtle

    Bitch much?

    If you don’t want to read it, don’t. But by all means don’t put out bile for others to read.

    Manners, Please.

  • somethingmissing

    Can we call time on this already? I was impressed by the enthusiasm displayed on this site when I first came across, it, but my positive feelings waned progressively as the speculation got more and more shamanistic. And the moment Kanye West’s name was besmirched on here, I lost all regard for this entire endeavour. Rolling Stone have it completely right, and the rebuttal was frankly laughable.

    I mean, obviously Radiohead must be planning some flood of further albums/parts of albums to follow TKOL, because
    a) This is a band that never, ever accompanied its work with apocryphal clues and symbols meant to be deciphered and toyed with to no particular end. No, that’s not something they’ve ever done before. I mean, this is all unprecedented, no? Completely beyond comparison to, say, animated ‘blips’ or TMGLMOAT.
    b) They also arent a band that’s ever left session tracks off the finished product before, are they? No, Radiohead obviously ALWAYS release EVERY recorded track from a session in some way shape or form, and never discard any recordings or shelve songs for years to come. Hence, because they released Nude, Lift, True Love Waits etc etc etc in a timely and entirely scheduled fashion, they MUST be planning sequels to TKOL.

    Rolling Stone was completely spot on in pinpointing sublime irony in the fact that some RH fans seem unwilling to accept an eight-track, 37-minute album. No, there’s got to be something more, right? This it it, folks. Eight tracks and 37 minutes of some of the best music this band have ever made, accompanied by some typically evocative and manifold imagery on the subject of nature, particularly the sylvan. Already this site is becoming a magnet for people too dulled to see the beauty in TKOL and intent instead on clamouring for more, more, more tracks, because more must surely be better.

    While coverage and discussion of the events and imagery associated with this album is entirely respectable (and has been done very, very well on this site, better perhaps than anywhere else), it’s time the MOAR MUSICK thing is put to bed once and for all. It’s escaped Earthe’s orbit and attained stupid.

    • cwj717

      Cheers. I agree completely.This has got to stop. One thing I don’t agree with is that TKOL is some of the best music the band has ever released…..its pretty obviously inferior. I don’t think there is anything else, which is a real disappointment because The King of Limbs kind of sucks…its in the back of everyone’s mind. That’s what this whole thing has been, isn’t it? People trying to deal with the disappointment they don’t want to admit came with TKOL..

      • Code red

        I agree the album has five good songs, but honestly magpie, little by little, feral are some of the worst songs to grace a Radiohead album. So that doesn’t really leave us with much does it and that is exactly what this site is all about, we are all disappointed and the fact we might have to wait another four years for something new just breaks my fucking heart.

    • OK ME

      So much of this record feel empty… Lotus Flower is great, Magpie and Little by Little are kind of cool Bloom is a neat little intro, the rest just seems like ambient filler not the master songcraft we are accustom to from Radiohead. With all of what feels like filler, i.e. Codex which seem s like something Radiohead can pull off in there sleep it just felt like they surely had plans to release a series of music surrounded by a couple of strong tracks on each release. I’m still reserving judgement from my overall impressons of TKOL praying that there is more, but if this is it I must say it has been a bit dissapointing.

      • cwj717

        It was one thing when it was really convincing that there would be more… the moon theories, chieftan mews tweets, etc.. but it has all come and gone. I think some people are still convinced that there will be more with the newspaper album, but that’s like a month away. so either they add to the exhisting album (which rips off all the people who bought the physical release) or there is going to be a whole new body of work, which wouldnt make sense given it only comes with one cd and two 10 inch vinyls.

    • AD

      You don’t know NOTHING about Radiohead

      • somethingmissing

        Yes, obviously you are their one and only Number One True Fan and they write all their music as a personal gesture to you, even though they don’t know it. Grow up.

    • AnInterstellarBurst

      When did they release Lift?

    • Cian

      Completely agree. I got so much shit for saying something very similar couple of days ago. Glad to see people are starting to realise how ridiculous it’s getting.

  • JAWN

    Has anyone got a link to these songs??? (not live, the studio versions).

  • Andrew

    I’m guessing that maybe they’ll release more music late this year or next year since johnny greenwood did say that they’ll be recording more music. It’s already been quite revolutionary and I’m quite satisfied with the album plus two more newer songs. I’m quite optimistic actually and maybe the king of limbs could still be part of something bigger, but that is still to be revealed..

  • Matt

    part of my thinking comes from the fact that they havent, so far, decided to play live…

  • Matt


    STANLEY DONWOOD (on twitter):

    ‘…if.only… only…keep.trying:…’

  • Matt

    I’ve been quoted…feel proud!

    I was explicitly told that the code was for photos…but that seems odd as my photo was posted about an hour later with no need for any code (the guy had told me ‘maybe this evening…or tomorrow).

    So maybe they’re playing with us.

    My hunch is that they will use the website to give us anything. Radiohead are fully aware that The Butcher/Supercollider will be online within seconds so I imagine they’ll do a ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ and give them away.

    But they are ‘still recording’ says Jonny. My guess (as it always has been) is that we WILL get another album…at the end of this year…a companion album i.e. Kid A/Amnesiac

  • cwj717

    Well, it’s been fun, but i think it’s time to call it quits. Nothing has happened and it doesn’t look like it will. Given the mountain of clues I am genuinely surprised that nothing has happened, but it looks less and less likely that there will be anything new (other than the record store day single)..Maybe they’ll put something out next winter? No point in chewing the fat any longer.

    • veggies

      I think the major problem with all of the rumor-reading has been the assumption that Radiohead would do something faster than the world traditionally works. As I said in an email to Josh a few weeks ago: the band still wants to sell physical records (vinyl & CD). the download is part of their connection to the fans and interest in technology. But just because the physical CD & vinyl are out doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come.

      The idea that they would UNDERCUT the release of the CD/vinyl by releasing more music beforehand is illogical.

      • Josh

        I agree. I think we have to allow sometime for this release to sell. Think of all of the retailers that are selling this album. Here in the US stores like Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc will stock this album. Undercutting would also hurt relationships with chains like these in my opinion. I think these are some of the most important places for retail music in the US due to the amount of people that can visit these locations. I usually use Amazon because I do not have a record store within an hour of my house, and occasionally I will get an album from one of these locations.

  • Matt

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this already, but Radiohead have uploaded every track from the TKOL onto their youtube channel. I’d say that’s pretty revolutionary (not massively so, though). Most major record labels would highly disapprove.

  • Tony

    I guess everyone complaining about this disregards literature as a work of art.

  • nawt

    they play with us and the world. that’s all. radiohead just plays with us…

  • Code red

    Fucking brutal. Between this subpar album and this newspaper bs Radiohead have managed to create mass hysteria for a very mediocre product. I am a Radiohead fanatic but this has seriously dropped them down a peg in my books and a lot of other people as well.

    • Toby

      I think, for anything they do, there is some level of hysteria. They are celebrities and might I say “rock stars.” The problem is, the band is held on top a pedestal by their fans, as if people expect them to pull a rabbit out of their hat every time they pick up a top hat. These are just some dudes who got together one day and started playing music. I guess my point is, the hype was created by the fan base while Radiohead (despite what their plans are) are just doing their thing. You can’t blame them for that and you can’t hold them accountable for not meeting your expectations of what you think they should be.
      This entire process has been interesting to watch, because Radiohead has actually done the opposite of trying to create hype, which has in turn created more hysteria.

  • Al

    Josh I think you missed my reply to Matt, below, where I clarified:

    “…we each got a picture taken while thom was handing out the papers. a guy then gave us each a piece of paper with unique code and said that we can access that very picture that they had just taken of us and thom at the site using that code.

    this is the purpose of the code and nothing else.”

    The code apparently has lost its function anyway, as they have scrapped the idea of linking it with individual pics. The code is now useless, so I’ve read.

    The Universal Sigh website will not contain extra stuff, it wouldn’t make sense if it did and there is no reason why it should. The codes (now dead) would have linked to the site because that’s where the photos are, and because the site is about the newspaper. Nothing on the Universal Sigh website will have anything to do with anything that is not the Universal Sigh.

    Afraid to say that’s it. It’s been fun but I have to agree with FS below. Anything from now is just going to be separate from TKOL.


  • Keith

    I wish it was “The Daily Mail”. I love that song. But any knew material is good. Plus Radiohead has a habit of renaming songs all the time. Separator and Magpie anyone?

  • Sooty230
    Not quite what we expected but it’s still more music :D

    • Vannicks

      Yeah, a newspaper with a lot of jibberish and some pictures is a fantastic new strategy… Revolutionary even…

  • FS

    I think it’s clear now: there won’t be any new music related to the “TKOL-thing”.
    Not a second part.
    Not a series of EPs.
    If there was something else we would have already known.
    If there’s something more it will be another story and it won’t be related to all this stuff.
    Then, I think the aim of the whole game is finished and we can enjoy the newspaper with the heart in peace.

  • me

    did Thom attend a hat convention recently?

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