The King Of Limbs is available worldwide today!

The physical edition of The King Of Limbs is finally available today.  You can order it on here, or pick it up at your local music store.  You can also pick up The Universal Sigh at select location today in the U.S. and Canada.  Please send in your photos of you buying the album or picking up the newspaper and I will feature some of them on the site.


The artwork for the 12′ Record Store Day single Supercollider/ The Butcher was also released today.

In this photo:  There is a black background with red, orange, and yellow branches along with the words Supercollider, The Butcher, and Radiohead at the very top.

Here is a picture of Steve Allen from in Toronto with his copy of The Universal Sigh.  He has seen Radiohead 14 times (and counting) live!

Here is Jon Bauer in front of Calhoun Square in Minneapolis with his copy of The Universal Sigh.

Here is from Manchester with his copy and check out his Stanley Donwood inspired tattoo! 2 more photos here and here.


Greg from Chicago sent in this picture of people lining up to receive their copy of The Universal Sigh.

Rob from Toronto sent in this photo of people lining up for The Universal Sigh.


Sam was the first one in Manchester to receive The Universal Sigh!  He was the first one in line.  Second picture here.


Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood reading The Universal Sigh.



Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo!!

Remember you can send your photo in and I will post it on this site!


Also, you can upload all of your photos on this site

You can also upload your pictures here
Here is a video created by of TAGsf , for the song ‘Feral’ he is a director/ choreographer.


And, for those of you who volunteered to transcribe The Universal Sigh to text link I would like to post it today if possible.

  • Kinda disappOinted here. He actually spelled th York like new York. Sheet man do your research. ( speaking of the picture Stan and thOm)

  • Kinda disappOinted here. He actually spelled th York like new York. Sheet man do your research

  • nonews

    just a really random theory. But what if there is one “mole” in all of the universalsigh photos. Someone purposely holding a paper with the QR code to the camera… but the QR code is uber special and leads to a secret release.

    There are enough normal ppl holding papers with QR codes towards the camera that it would be qutie a needle in the haystack. If RH said there was one photo like that everyone would scramble to decode all the visible QR codes for the “golden ticket”.


  • mjv

    Not to be weird and all, but after all that reading about trees and considering the circumstances, it seems that Radiohead’s release strategy does, in fact, resemble the life cycle of a tree.

    First, these are my twisted words; one song, like a seed.
    …Then lots of months where nothing happened…
    Then TKOL… the trunk; a main chunk.
    Then Supercollider/Buthcer; a branch (first of many?…) growing outwards from the trunk.

    If that’s what they’re doing, will there be more branches?… or leaves (dunno what that would be… maybe more newspapers…)?

  • Aone

    Looks like Universal Sigh code was just for pictures. Some locations upload pics like this:

    and the picture name is the same as the code. So looks like no special downloads with this thing..

  • I’m surprised that nobody in these comments has noted the linearity in the Butcher/Supercollider art with the “Twisted Words” art.

    Quite awesome how a tune released 2 years ago is obviously part of the greater King of Limbs strategy.

    • Josh

      @JR Heat- I agree. I think just as much thought went into the idea of this release as the actual music possibly, which usually is not the case with most Artists/ Bands.

    • ramadanducka

      have you noticed too how, sonically, ‘twisted words’ kinda bridges the gap between in rainbows n king o limbs? s’pretty cool too i think

  • ramadanducka

    dunno if anyone’s brought this up yet, but yano the words in all different fonts on page 7? maybe they’re lyrics of the not-too-distant future

  • Got my paper and lithograph yesterday. Good haul! Not sure if anyone has mentioned this and I know it borders on obvious but isn’t it odd that there are three songs thus far featuring TKOL artwork that are not on TKOL and are not considered b-sides. Colors, cycles, and subscription theories aside, it’s this fact the speaks greater volumes to me that something more is coming from the King of Limbs universe.

  • Rawr

    Someone said that nobody in NA got the individual piece of paper. Also, I noticed most pictures from my location weren’t uploaded. Just a page and a half and no me. Sad

  • a 12 hour trip (there and back) and the shipment got lost. Damnit…I really hope they’re sending it to me like they said.

    • and I really appreciate they’re going out of their way to ship it – wasn’t there fault. Just wish I could have been a part of this whole event…

  • pattywood

    thats pretty cool Josh! God, I hope that is true…would be AMAZING!!!!

  • VeryOptimistic

    Just got my copy of The Universal Sigh on the mall in DC and it didn’t come with the pamphlet containing the code. Is this normal? Was I supposed to get it when they handed out the paper?

    • Josh

      Yes, not all locations received those for some reason.

      • VeryOptimistic

        That stinks. Really hope it’s not anything we’re missing out on something, but if it’s more songs I guess the internet can solve that. Thanks!

        • Josh

          There is a strong rumor that someone handing out the magazines that was a music journalist said as long as you had the newspaper you would be able to download the next album. I am not making that up, but I am trying to get some clarification on this. I have heard a rumor like this before today. I don’t want to post something til I know for sure.

  • Kyosti

    Well, haha I travelled quite a ways to Vancouver to find out (with 9 or so other radiohead fans) that the shipment of papers got lost…
    Luckily the representative was kind enough to take our names and even ship them to those (like me) who are too Far to pick them up the next day… A pretty disappointing day though. Waiting for my ferry back at horseshoe bay in a pizza place if anyone else wants to join me hahaha

  • I believe if you purchased the Newspaper $48 edition you will be getting free access for Supercollider/The Butcher. They are very likely part of The Newspaper Album.

  • Parp

    Is there somewhere where you can download the supercollider / the butcher?

    Or is it just on physical?

    • Toby

      I’m sure it will be available for digital download on amazon and Itunes. Radiohead will let us know when the time comes.

  • Toby

    Yeah. They just added a pop-up window to try and direct you to buying the 12″ record. Then if you click on the Album art on the left of the pop=up it takes you to

    • Jed

      Ok gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks

    • Can you explain this further? I don’t get it…
      Are they giving the option of changing their 10 inch vinyls to 12 inch vinyls? How can I do that?

      • Josh

        well, the 10 inch is what comes with the special Newspaper edition, and only that way. The 12 inch is the retail version of the album. The weird thing is they call the Newspaper an album and The King Of Limbs a record….

        The 12” single coming out is limited to only 2000 copies for the UK on record store day. The songs are Supercollider/ The Butcher.

  • Jed

    Hmmmm… I just tried to go to, via, to check my order account… A message came up saying “request unsuccessful”. I tried manually typing in the link in my browser, and it worked just fine… nothing different. The link has always directed me straight to the page. So I’m wondering why the change…and why the window message (as opposed to a web browser message). It might be nothing, or it might be that some changes are being made to the website specifically for ?????

  • Alex

    will this LP be released in stores or available on their website? Plus, is there any geographic restriction, i.e. available only in the U.K. ?

  • kennedy

    maybe it removes a color as they are released?

    • Trent

      It may still hold true. What if it’s focusing on the three remaining portions and excluding The King of Limbs. It would make sense since TKOL has already been released and this artwork is just looking forward?

  • Sooty230

    This artwork may discredit the theory of the TKOL symbol 4 colors relating to the seasons with a release for each, as this has 3 of those 4 colors.

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