The King Of Limbs is available worldwide today!

The physical edition of The King Of Limbs is finally available today.  You can order it on here, or pick it up at your local music store.  You can also pick up The Universal Sigh at select location today in the U.S. and Canada.  Please send in your photos of you buying the album or picking up the newspaper and I will feature some of them on the site.


The artwork for the 12′ Record Store Day single Supercollider/ The Butcher was also released today.

In this photo:  There is a black background with red, orange, and yellow branches along with the words Supercollider, The Butcher, and Radiohead at the very top.

Here is a picture of Steve Allen from in Toronto with his copy of The Universal Sigh.  He has seen Radiohead 14 times (and counting) live!

Here is Jon Bauer in front of Calhoun Square in Minneapolis with his copy of The Universal Sigh.

Here is from Manchester with his copy and check out his Stanley Donwood inspired tattoo! 2 more photos here and here.


Greg from Chicago sent in this picture of people lining up to receive their copy of The Universal Sigh.

Rob from Toronto sent in this photo of people lining up for The Universal Sigh.


Sam was the first one in Manchester to receive The Universal Sigh!  He was the first one in line.  Second picture here.


Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood reading The Universal Sigh.



Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo!!

Remember you can send your photo in and I will post it on this site!


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Here is a video created by of TAGsf , for the song ‘Feral’ he is a director/ choreographer.


And, for those of you who volunteered to transcribe The Universal Sigh to text link I would like to post it today if possible.