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Chieftan Mews Q&A » The King of Limbs Part 2

Chieftan Mews Q&A

In typical Mews fashion he actually gives the answer first, then the question.  I reversed them to make them easier to read and follow.


Chieftan Mews newest Twitter picture is titled ims_menoo.jpg


Question from @Justin_Krim: Do you have all the answeres @ChieftanMews? if so, is Duke Nukem Forever ever going to come out?

Answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLCF7vPanrY&t=04m37s


Question from @thepaloalto: I love you Chieftan. Do you speak in auto-tune?

Answer: No, my voice is not auto-tuned.


Question from @BatThom: @ChieftanMews Were you born or created in a lab?

Answer: I was manifested by both scenarios. Born in a lab. Where were you created? You look a tad like Bruce Wayne with a bat helmet.


** More to come throughout the day. Please resume your regularly scheduled lives. Drink that coffee. Read your #theuniversalsigh. Cough. **

There was about a 2 hour break in between 4 and 5.

# 5

? via @Lemingtons: Sir, how is the band doing? also stanley & nigel? i hope they are all well. best regards to them & pls say thank you

Answer: The King Of Limbs = res ipsa loquitur…

..It speaks for itself yet they have been active, no? Phil will play: http://tinyurl.com/3cldwhq. Colin writing: http://tinyurl.com/6jjn95b

Ed here: http://tinyurl.com/5ss2vjb . Thom moonlighting his paper job: http://tinyurl.com/47rlh6a Jonny be good: http://tinyurl.com/4uloe92

& @StanleyDonwood is CMYK’ing the Newspaper Album. Also #theuniversalsigh. Nigel: What is he doing right now anyway? What does he do best?

They are both precise. Methodical. Like a butcher? Or perhaps like modern day physicists who are trying to expand the universe.


? by @b_nagel: Mar. 32? it seems your entire existence is based on an April Fool’s lie-You are the THE MOST GIGANTIC LYING MOUTH OF ALL TIME

Answer: Aha!?

# 7

** I’m going to defrag my arms and virus scan my iron lungs. More to come. Please proceed with your day & take your approved breaks. **


Question via @badlegaladvice: @ChieftanMews how’s your love life????

A- Many of us are observers here & elsewhere & that can hurt the love around us. Must DO more! My trail in the woods leads to a love letter…


? via @anewthought: @ChieftanMews Why were you trying to lose @StanleyDonwood – he seems like a reasonable man, get off his case

A- He no longer follows me around on here. It may be mutual. He has some work to do..


? @chitramyqueen: tell us about yourself! what is your favorite song? do you remember your dreams? what’s your favorite childhood memory?

A. – My favorite song is one I covered in a dream I had about childhood memories. Music is the universal language indeed. Even for paranormals.


? via @luciotamino: @ChieftanMews How’s your heart lately?

A.  – Dark.


? via @inkybrown: Who are Wildwood and Twain? And did they assassinate Dr Tchock?

A. – Twain & Wildwood remind me Thompson & Steadman in many ways. Still don’t know the full details on them…


** Leaves fall & then grow again. From the same branches. The sounds they make can change too. What is ims menoo? More to come. Long day. **


? via @FNDomination: How do I defeat my procrastination?

A. – Ignore the internet. It always works.


via @LionInComa: good morning

A. -Доброе утро.


** Now get some work done for your employers so you can feel good this weekend. When they wake up across the pond, I will be back again **


? from @donaldlong: are you very frightened? are you as old, as they say, as the trees?

A. – Very much on both counts.


? via @eicooooo さんがやたら飛ばしているのは、エイプリルフールだから?

A. – Answer: ! Aha!?


? from @mesilberman: what is your greatest accomplishment? ? from @DrGloom Where do you go when you hibernate, and what wakes you up?

A. – Great question! I would say disappearing when I need to. 2nd part: These days, in the woods. Hosting tv shows & collecting bounties wake me.


?’s from many of you: What is Ims Menoo? Ers Menoo?

A. – As some have discovered….Ims & Ers = Him & Her = He is & She is

Moon Theory. HA!


? from @MatthewNeroni: Where are you?

A. – I am far from home.  I am far from calm.


? from @faraazn: what is a menoo ?

A. – Context of menoo: That man @StanleyDonwood: ims menoooo! Disturbed. Ers menoo: She is daffy. It helps if you do a Devon accent.

They will say about Mews: ims menoo! It shall be on my epitaph perhaps. And remember: No Mews Is Good News. Be alert. “They” are indeed, you


Chieftan Mews is now following 17 people on Twitter:

2.Stanley Donwood
3.Thom yorke
4.Philip Selway
5.Sebastian edge
9.radiohead_mx (Mexico)
17.radiohead peru

and now also 18. RadioheadVzla

#22 his bio now reads “Bio ims menoo, my buck. No Mews Is Good News. Open. No More Hiding.”

Update! – As of about 10:30 am EST Chieftan Mews has deleted all of his tweets.



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