Chieftan Mews Q&A

In typical Mews fashion he actually gives the answer first, then the question.  I reversed them to make them easier to read and follow.


Chieftan Mews newest Twitter picture is titled ims_menoo.jpg


Question from @Justin_Krim: Do you have all the answeres @ChieftanMews? if so, is Duke Nukem Forever ever going to come out?



Question from @thepaloalto: I love you Chieftan. Do you speak in auto-tune?

Answer: No, my voice is not auto-tuned.


Question from @BatThom: @ChieftanMews Were you born or created in a lab?

Answer: I was manifested by both scenarios. Born in a lab. Where were you created? You look a tad like Bruce Wayne with a bat helmet.


** More to come throughout the day. Please resume your regularly scheduled lives. Drink that coffee. Read your #theuniversalsigh. Cough. **

There was about a 2 hour break in between 4 and 5.

# 5

? via @Lemingtons: Sir, how is the band doing? also stanley & nigel? i hope they are all well. best regards to them & pls say thank you

Answer: The King Of Limbs = res ipsa loquitur…

..It speaks for itself yet they have been active, no? Phil will play: Colin writing:

Ed here: . Thom moonlighting his paper job: Jonny be good:

& @StanleyDonwood is CMYK’ing the Newspaper Album. Also #theuniversalsigh. Nigel: What is he doing right now anyway? What does he do best?

They are both precise. Methodical. Like a butcher? Or perhaps like modern day physicists who are trying to expand the universe.


? by @b_nagel: Mar. 32? it seems your entire existence is based on an April Fool’s lie-You are the THE MOST GIGANTIC LYING MOUTH OF ALL TIME

Answer: Aha!?

# 7

** I’m going to defrag my arms and virus scan my iron lungs. More to come. Please proceed with your day & take your approved breaks. **


Question via @badlegaladvice: @ChieftanMews how’s your love life????

A- Many of us are observers here & elsewhere & that can hurt the love around us. Must DO more! My trail in the woods leads to a love letter…


? via @anewthought: @ChieftanMews Why were you trying to lose @StanleyDonwood – he seems like a reasonable man, get off his case

A- He no longer follows me around on here. It may be mutual. He has some work to do..


? @chitramyqueen: tell us about yourself! what is your favorite song? do you remember your dreams? what’s your favorite childhood memory?

A. – My favorite song is one I covered in a dream I had about childhood memories. Music is the universal language indeed. Even for paranormals.


? via @luciotamino: @ChieftanMews How’s your heart lately?

A.  – Dark.


? via @inkybrown: Who are Wildwood and Twain? And did they assassinate Dr Tchock?

A. – Twain & Wildwood remind me Thompson & Steadman in many ways. Still don’t know the full details on them…


** Leaves fall & then grow again. From the same branches. The sounds they make can change too. What is ims menoo? More to come. Long day. **


? via @FNDomination: How do I defeat my procrastination?

A. – Ignore the internet. It always works.


via @LionInComa: good morning

A. -Доброе утро.


** Now get some work done for your employers so you can feel good this weekend. When they wake up across the pond, I will be back again **


? from @donaldlong: are you very frightened? are you as old, as they say, as the trees?

A. – Very much on both counts.


? via @eicooooo さんがやたら飛ばしているのは、エイプリルフールだから?

A. – Answer: ! Aha!?


? from @mesilberman: what is your greatest accomplishment? ? from @DrGloom Where do you go when you hibernate, and what wakes you up?

A. – Great question! I would say disappearing when I need to. 2nd part: These days, in the woods. Hosting tv shows & collecting bounties wake me.


?’s from many of you: What is Ims Menoo? Ers Menoo?

A. – As some have discovered….Ims & Ers = Him & Her = He is & She is

Moon Theory. HA!


? from @MatthewNeroni: Where are you?

A. – I am far from home.  I am far from calm.


? from @faraazn: what is a menoo ?

A. – Context of menoo: That man @StanleyDonwood: ims menoooo! Disturbed. Ers menoo: She is daffy. It helps if you do a Devon accent.

They will say about Mews: ims menoo! It shall be on my epitaph perhaps. And remember: No Mews Is Good News. Be alert. “They” are indeed, you


Chieftan Mews is now following 17 people on Twitter:

2.Stanley Donwood
3.Thom yorke
4.Philip Selway
5.Sebastian edge
9.radiohead_mx (Mexico)
17.radiohead peru

and now also 18. RadioheadVzla

#22 his bio now reads “Bio ims menoo, my buck. No Mews Is Good News. Open. No More Hiding.”

Update! – As of about 10:30 am EST Chieftan Mews has deleted all of his tweets.



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  • Jiffiler

    This whole Devon/Plymouth accent thing is really interesting. As well as ‘Ims menoo’ possibly meaning ‘he’s mental’ (‘they will say about Mews – “he’s mental” – definitely fits!), my buck in a Devonshire accent would come out as ‘my book’.

    Is he publishing a book with clues in? In Devon? :)

  • Nolan

    Oh my God. Consider Morning Bell… How the 2 versions are so amazingly different yet the same. What if they’re planning on doing this with the entire King of Limbs album?
    Mews said:
    “** Leaves fall & then grow again. From the same branches. The sounds they make can change too. What is ims menoo? More to come. Long day. **”

  • Now Chieftan also follows Radiohead Venezuela (@RadioheadVzla)

  • SamuelOnionman

    Stanley tweets: also:a state of denmark/derek raymond also:nobrow press also:revenge of the newts/karel capek also:thats it

    from his blog (above link), first paragraph: “We gave out the newspapers, so one secret is out.”

    Obviously implying more secrets exist…

  • trapdoors

    The sun is a notoriously unreliable source. Their stories are rarely based on facts.

  • Dakota

    oh well poop. i thought i was on to something

    • Josh

      It is weird that they decided to post that story about 3-4 weeks after it was originally posted. Maybe they are on dial-up?

  • Jason

    All the strange pictures on are from the same flickr account, which belongs to some random ass guy in brazil.

    Anybody can upload photos to the website.

    …nothing to see here anymore…move along.

  • sauce

    Everyone knows about the picture at: You don’t need to feel obligated to post it anymore.

  • Justin

    i found this on the very interesting

  • Mr. Magpie

    The latest picture on the front page of the Universal Sigh website is of Mews right now.

    The Universal Lie
    Released into the world on March 32nd

  • JSS

    There are starting to be more and more strange pics on the Universal Sigh website. Go through the first several pages and you’ll see them. This one reminds me of an “infinity mirror”, like when you stand between two mirrors, the image repeats itself into infinity.

  • Paul Haarghis

    What if…we’re all already dead?…

  • Justin

    I can’t believe he answered my tweet first!!! i wish he would have answered my other one, which was more serious (what is an infinity mirror and why is it rotating?). I don’t quite understand his answer to my question either, seems strange

    • Josh

      @Justin – Congrats on getting your tweet answered! I know he probably had several thousand and was only able to answer so many of them. I am surprised he left without any message or warning, he sometimes puts the EOT (End Of Transmission) at the end of his final message. I think he might return this evening possibly.

  • Victor

    The thing was very interesting, but that’s it? I expected something more.

  • (not)Radiohe3d

    Cash reward to the first person to find Mews and punch him in the jubblies

  • jordan

    they didn;t say that the compact disc that comes with the newspaper album package is in fact the king of limbs….maybe we got the download of TKOL and we’re getting a completely separate, new set of songs on the included CD?

    • Leonhart

      it’ll be very unfair. how about people who already bought “the king of limbs” cd ? they will need to buy an extra one to get a full album?

      • Chris

        not really unfair; the “Newspaper Album” was considerably more expensive than the CD or download only

      • Toby

        You can upgrade to the newspaper if you have already bought the digital. So it actually wouldn’t cost you more than if you had just purchased the newspaper album to begin with…now if you decided to just buy the in store’s only release, then you made a big mistake…but anyone could have told you that.

  • Toby

    I have to say, The King of Limbs may not be very guitar heavy, but Colin and Phil sure do get a bit of a workout.

  • Why give up now? This is when it is really starting to get fun. I am most interested in hearing what Thom Yorke and the band has to say though, some what bored with this Mews character and his run arounds.

    If Thom Yorke says one sentence about TKOL it would beat everything we have heard for over a month.

    Not sure if there is anything hidden in The Universal Sigh or not, but with spring coming I think more songs will start to BLOOM

  • jacks

    But for real. There’s gonna be a good payoff at the end of all this.

  • jacks

    I think we should just give up. It’s obvious nothing else is coming and the moon theory was way off base…

    • GiantTurtle

      The theory of the moon is obviously wrong, but that does not mean there is nothing more to come … Something more is coming … that is very clear

      • Josh

        @GiantTurtle- I agree. I still think the moon was not a bad theory either. There were several references to the moon, though IMS MENOO was not one of them.

        • Toby

          First line of The Daily Mail, anyone?

          • GiantTurtle

            I agree, references to the moon are clear … but I think that these references point to the theme of the album … not a method of release …… I still think the newspaper album will have the news of the next record

  • GiantTurtle

    Bye Bye moon phases theory =)

  • Matt

    With regards to point #21. A ‘Devon Accent’ refers to a part of the UK where they have a very distinctive accent. This sounds a bit tenuous, but in Devon, the sentence ‘He is mental’ (mental = disturbed/crazy) could turn out sounding a bit like ‘ims menoo’, i.e. him is mental. The say ‘him’ instead of ‘he’, and drop the ‘h’, so it sounds like ‘im’. So ‘him is’ is shortend to ‘im’s', or in this case, ims. It’s difficult to explain using only writing, but that’ the only thing I can make sense of. I don’t really know how this relates to anything else, but just thought you’d like to know.

    • molonovorecords

      then again… if ”ims menoo” sounds like mental then TKOL = ”psyche side”… next one = ”amor side”…

    • Jed

      I found this posting very interesting and know nothing about the ‘Devon Accent’ as you described it. But As I read “ims menoo” aloud it made sense and he did directly refer to the accent so I was wondering if you can make anything out of the later bio he posted “Bio ims menoo, my buck”. Any thoughts or connections? Or is it just unrelated normal english writing surrounding the ims menoo? Thank you

  • Wheelz

    “Be alert. “They” are indeed, you.”
    I think this means that they (the band) are posting things on websites such as this just like all of us and are trying to give us clues.

    • Mr. Magpie

      I think you’re right about this one. Mews and Aporia are good enough examples, but now when you go to the universal sigh website, the fan pictures on the main page are starting to change into weirder pictures, like photoshopped stuff and one that looks like an alternate cover for the magazine.

  • AnInterstellarBurst

    Perhaps we’re excluding recent releases by individual band members themselves. Phil put out a solo album last year, Thoms been collaborating with a ton of artists (Burial, Four Tet, MF DOOM), Jonny’s Norwegian Wood soundtrack. Could these all be separate branches of TKOL? Most likely not but its just a theory im throwing out there if anyone cares to explore

  • Charlie

    Like Thom sings ‘if you think this is over then you are wrong’

  • OK me

    anyone else get the follow me around reference on question 7?

  • Brian

    could IMS MENOO or him and her refer to the KING of limbs and the QUEEN of diamonds?

    • molonovorecords

      I think it consolidates what I was thinking about a “dark side” and a “bright side”. There are too much clues about dualism theme:
      - the king and the queen
      - him & her
      - words splitted in mirrored direction
      - clues from aporia about couple’s value in the nature history
      - clues about amor & psyche by munch and tkol’s cover

      If TKOL is a part of somethink bigger, I really think it represents the dark side.
      Then, if something more is coming from the forest, it will be the bright side.

      That’s my current speculation…

      • molonovorecords

        …also: the “dark side” could be related to
        - the “man side” (the king, He is, …)
        - the “cold side”
        - the “psyche side”

        and the “bright side” could be related to
        - the “woman side” (the queen, She is, …)
        - the “warm side”
        - the “amor side” (trail in the woods leads to a love letter…)

  • Ben

    Agh no sorry. Uploaded by users. Shame.

  • Ben

    Check out the universal sigh website now. Some of the pictures are now mock ups and there is one of someone putting a mirrror to their newspaper. In the middle there is ‘infinity’ squeezed up and next to it is seemingly a new piece of artwork on a mocked up universal sigh copy. The mirror image one reminds me of the mirrored radiohead logo they have been using recently. Does anyone know if these pictures could just have been added by users or are they trying to show us something…

  • brian

    the upside down image on the “INFINITY” page in the universal sigh could be reference to the wander through the woods to the love letter? i feel there is something in there as it is also the image spread across the pictures on when the page first loads.

  • brian

    the upside down image in the universal sigh on the “INFINITY” page could be reference to the love letter and the wander through the woods? also it was the image spread over the picture tiles on

  • someone

    #5 direct reference to The Butcher and to Supercollider ! :)

  • molonovorecords

    It seems next album will be brighter than TKOL… There are many clues which hint in that direction:
    - last song of TKOL
    - “the trail in the woods leads to a love letter” CM
    - “how is your heart lately? – dark” CM
    - “Moving through the tree line, the sunsets, we wait for it to rise as we wait in the darkness, knowing it will shine again, brighter.. #tkol” Sebastian Edge
    - “Leaves fall & then grow again. From the same branches. The sounds they make can change too” CM
    - “a ride east and a ride west. starting work on a new print tonight: divided woods. many colours. a centrefold from the newspaper album…” Stanley Donwood

    TKOL really sounds like a walk through the woods, in the darkness.
    They showed to us the “dark side”. Maybe they will show to us the “bright side”…

  • Ben

    “The King Of Limbs = res ipsa loquitur…”
    This means ‘speaks for itself’. Someone commented a couple of days ago that when a journalist asked Thom to give a comment on the Universal Sigh he said no, it speaks for itself. Just reminded me.
    These make me think that the clues are in there (the record and the newspaper) somewhere. These seem to be the only two places where clues haven’t really turned up so far, apart from the birdsong in TKOL.

  • Matt

    This Q and A sounds fake to me.

  • Jed

    Thompson & Steadman= Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman. In Thompson & Steadman I see the names Thom and Stan (probably nothing, but interesting nonetheless). Looked up Ralph Steadman’s website – and one of the pieces has 2+2=5 within it. A source of inspiration for Radiohead? Thompson & Steadman were a artist/writer duo that created the GONZO publications. The art style is very similar in style to what we’ve seen in the Univesal Sigh so far, I think. I know nothing for sure, but it’s interesting.

    • Jed

      I’m also seeing that you can find Thom (Hunter S Thompson), Stan (Ralph Steadman), Donwood (Donald & Wildwood), etc. … But there are also other names that don’t make sense yet. Twain was a radical, politically critical free-thinking author, and would certainly fit into this kind of a literary movement based on his style. But what about Zachariah? Could be anyone. Present? Past? … I’m wondering if the tittle “legion” (for we are many) is referring to a present collaboration of multiple artists/writers (which might explain Thoms involvement with other musicians) to create the newspaper album/Universal Sigh… Or if it refers to those in the past (Mark Twain, Ralph Steadman and Hunter S Thomson) who have lead similar socially/politically driven movements that incorporate multi-art mediums to pursue their purpose. Are they taking their que to join the “many” in a united cause? A Universal Sigh? Just a thought.

  • Vannicks

    Is it may already? *gets back into hibernation*

  • busted

    They better give us something today bcause this shit is drivin my ass crazy!!!

  • pattywood

    This is getting very interesting….

  • Dusty

    Something is definitely in the universal sigh…I’m guessing the last story? The other two are from actual writers….

  • @(channel two)

    we need a doctor to take apart the universal sigh

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