Chieftan Mews update… Twitter Q&A tomorrow, March 32nd

Chieftan Mews has recently updated his Twitter profile.  He has updated his location to #TheUniversalSigh, and he now follows Radiohead as well.  He updated his picture and added a web address ( also.

His new Twitter picture is titled “morningbellsounds_wakingformore__reasonably_small.jpg”.

Anyone want to make a prediction when he will return?  I am guessing something might happen soon.  Meanwhile Stanley Donwood is no longer following Chieftan Mews.

Also, Chieftan Mews has joined Flickr

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Update-  He has just changed his name from “Liar” to “Chieftan Mews”

Update #2-  Now his picture is titled “no_more_hiding”

Update #3- Chieftan Mews has just tweeted the following:

“Aha. While @StanleyDonwood was out handing #theuniversalsigh at Brick Lane, I managed to lose him from my trail. No more follow! AHA!”

Update #4- Another Tweet:

“And is he Zachariah Wildwood or Donald Twain now? Or @StanleyDonwood? Or is his name Legion? Nevertheless… it is March 32nd tomorrow…”

Update #5- Another Tweet:

“Be alert! Twitter Q&A time with Mews. Some of your questions will be pre-screened. Some will be live. Taking place March 32nd. Be alert! ␄”

Update #6- Chieftan Mews Twitter picture is now saved as “rotate_infinity_mirror”

Update #7- Another Tweet:

“Good day to Kiritimati, Fiji, Anadyr, Manila & Mumbai…. are you Ready To Learn?:

So, there is a Twitter Q&A tomorrow with Chieftan Mews.  Will someone find out what IMS MENOO means?  Let me know in the comments section what question you are going to ask him.

I am also aware that tomorrow is April 1st (There is no March 32nd), so there will be some April Fools jokes going around, though I will NOT be posting any of them here.  Maybe they are referring to the 32nd to imply that this is not a joke?  Either way I will have all of the updates and questions/ answers from the Q&A here on the site tomorrow.


The Universal Sigh-

As The Universal Sigh was handed out in the U.S. there were no flier’s with the special code on them, though they were apparently handed out in Canada except for Vancouver.  These could have something to do with the photo’s being taken at each location.  I am not sure, but I will do my best to find out more.


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