Chieftan Mews update… Twitter Q&A tomorrow, March 32nd

Chieftan Mews has recently updated his Twitter profile.  He has updated his location to #TheUniversalSigh, and he now follows Radiohead as well.  He updated his picture and added a web address ( also.

His new Twitter picture is titled “morningbellsounds_wakingformore__reasonably_small.jpg”.

Anyone want to make a prediction when he will return?  I am guessing something might happen soon.  Meanwhile Stanley Donwood is no longer following Chieftan Mews.

Also, Chieftan Mews has joined Flickr

Follow Chieftan Mews on Twitter:

Update-  He has just changed his name from “Liar” to “Chieftan Mews”

Update #2-  Now his picture is titled “no_more_hiding”

Update #3- Chieftan Mews has just tweeted the following:

“Aha. While @StanleyDonwood was out handing #theuniversalsigh at Brick Lane, I managed to lose him from my trail. No more follow! AHA!”

Update #4- Another Tweet:

“And is he Zachariah Wildwood or Donald Twain now? Or @StanleyDonwood? Or is his name Legion? Nevertheless… it is March 32nd tomorrow…”

Update #5- Another Tweet:

“Be alert! Twitter Q&A time with Mews. Some of your questions will be pre-screened. Some will be live. Taking place March 32nd. Be alert! ␄”

Update #6- Chieftan Mews Twitter picture is now saved as “rotate_infinity_mirror”

Update #7- Another Tweet:

“Good day to Kiritimati, Fiji, Anadyr, Manila & Mumbai…. are you Ready To Learn?:

So, there is a Twitter Q&A tomorrow with Chieftan Mews.  Will someone find out what IMS MENOO means?  Let me know in the comments section what question you are going to ask him.

I am also aware that tomorrow is April 1st (There is no March 32nd), so there will be some April Fools jokes going around, though I will NOT be posting any of them here.  Maybe they are referring to the 32nd to imply that this is not a joke?  Either way I will have all of the updates and questions/ answers from the Q&A here on the site tomorrow.


The Universal Sigh-

As The Universal Sigh was handed out in the U.S. there were no flier’s with the special code on them, though they were apparently handed out in Canada except for Vancouver.  These could have something to do with the photo’s being taken at each location.  I am not sure, but I will do my best to find out more.


If you have not yet purchased a physical copy of The King Of Limbs you can order it on here

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  • Dakota

    that’d be nice. or put it on wikipedia haha. everytime time i try to explain to my friends how radiohead is doing this crazy thing to market their album and how there are all these conspiracy theories, i can never make it as interesting as it really is, and i just look like another radiohead fanatic. it frustrates me

    • Josh

      LOL, I agree! I don’t even try to explain it, because I get weird looks, etc. Trying to explain Mews, Aporia, etc. Yeah, I am not sure how to get on wikipedia, though hopefully I can get the site on there.

  • Dakota

    I was being sarcastic.
    but hey, it would be pretty crazy.
    Whether or not he is affiliated with the band, if it weren’t
    for him, I’d have no idea any of this was going on

    • Josh

      Hey, I appreciate that. I would have had a hard time keeping track of everything without starting this site even for me. I am really glad I did, I never thought it would grow to this level of content. There is almost something that needs to be added everyday that someone finds or thinks of. When it is all over I am going to try and make a complete summary of the entire story and I might make it into a free E-book possibly.

  • Andrew

    I think Josh is somehow affiliated with RH and is somehow toying with us.
    Hey.. it could be possible.

  • watsupmyniggas?

    also, it’s kinda stupid to suspect that Josh is in any way affiliated with the band…

  • watsupmyniggas?

    with our luck thus far what’s the bet they’ll just release The Butcher and Supercollider tomorrow… not that that wouldn’t be a good thing, new music is always good! but it’s not exactly what we’re not already expecting… and 2 tracks is just a little bit unfulfilling at this point isn’t it? =/

    who the fuck am i to complain tho? their music is amazing and the band doesn’t owe me shit… i owe them everything! bring on tomorrow!! no matter what happens…

  • JAWN

    Hmm, this is fun. Here’s hoping for some truth from this liar.

  • Dakota

    i’ve got a conspiracy for you. Josh has been in cahoots with radiohead this whole time. I mean, this whole idea Radiohead has wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for sites like this that make it fun to obsess over every single thing they tweet and post haha

    I’m on to you Josh. You will not fool me!

  • branche

    “Update #7- Another Tweet:

    “Good day to Kiritimati, Fiji, Anadyr, Manila & Mumbai…. are you Ready To Learn?:“

    (first of all, the video is from 2006)

    For them (people in Kiritimati, Fiji, Anadyr, Manila & Mumbai), it is 32nd March already, I guess… and now he is teaching them to learn (funny, isn’t it). In the beginning of the vid, there is a clock showing the time running out, quicly and amusingly, and in the end, it is said “(…) I did it … flood”. I think this is connected with the main theme of TKOL and The Universal Sigh, since it ‘says’ the time is running out and we have to learn, we have to stop causing floods (I think all the 5 places mentioned are near the sea), etc. The universal sigh is coming/has come. But I am not sure what all this means, I am just saying this because another person can use the information to get what chieftan mews want us to get …

  • @(channel two)

    chieftan mews is the truth that more radiohead material is revealing soon_just follow his trail and his trolls

  • Noraa

    Completely off topic and probably already said by someone else, but they keep on referring to the newspaper album as the “first” newspaper album. If there’s a first, there has to be a second.

    • Josh

      hey Noraa, You bring up a great point. They also refer to The King Of Limbs as a record and the Newspaper Edition as an album.

      • Hey, do you think that they ship this internationally? (Newspaper edition) ‘Cause I bought it on the 19 Feb, and I have a Box (I think it’s called like that) in the US but I live in Central America. It may sound silly but I actually purchased the Newspaper Edition by accident (Not that I regret it). I use that box for Amazon purchases and it works fine, but I’m not so sure how it works with other people… I don’t know… Maybe I’m over reacting to the fact that it was accidental. Again, great site!

  • booboo

    Also. Maybe Ed was hinting at Radiohead using Social Media to launch this album all along.

    Tue, 08 February

    The Dignity Revolution
    What have twitter and facebook ever done for us?

  • booboo

    anyone notice that some locations no pictures have been displayed. Los Angeles (Silverlake) for example. Not sure if it’s just a glitch, but with all the effort they are putting into this and with people thinking codes and photos might be connected this info could be helpful

  • Wheelz

    Regardless though, stuff is happening! The wall of ice is melting.

    • Josh

      @Wheelz- I agree, and I don’t think they would prank us with all that is going on.

      • branche

        I don’t think they would, too. And Chieftan Mews seems to be assuring us of that, saying he is “no_more_hiding” and that now he is not a “liar” (although “chieftan Mews” isn’t very different of “liar”). And I agree with the fact that he told us tomorrow will be 32nd March because he wanted to avoid the 1st April, putting us thinking on it but actually saying he won’t lie, (because it will be 32nd March and not 1st April).
        I rotated the page with “Infinity” of the newspaper and then I mirrored it and I found nothing but what seemed to be a little light between trees (and the trees from the top, which now were the bottom, weren’t upside down, obviously). So I didn’t get it :s maybe he wants to say things I being revealed… I mean, mirrored and upside down things are not very ‘natural’, and now we will “dismirror” and putting it OK, if you know what I mean (but this is just a silly comment…).

        • branche

          *things are being revealed (…)

        • Josh

          Also, maybe Mews is here to “entertain” us until something does happen? No one really knows. I have though that page could indicate that it is possibly for “Infinity” songs to come from the tree? Maybe all of their future releases will be around this method for the time being?

  • Wheelz

    Could be legitimate, or could just be a prank. They might be saying March 32nd so people might not realize it’s April 1st. If there is a Q&A the answers might be lies….Chieften Mews is a liar after all.

  • There there.


  • Toby

    Did anyone try to rotate the infinity mirror?

  • Hayden

    New tweet out! I think it all references are for real places. I don’t know about kiritimati, but I know Mumbai is a real place. Also a youtube video I don’t have time to watch now

  • cba

    March 32nd is really April 1st – APRIL FOOLS DAY. I bet there will be no Q&A ~ it was just a joke.

    • bah

      you don’t announce April Fools Day pranks a day in advance. and maybe he said “march 32nd” to avoid the whole April 1st thing.

      • Josh

        @bah- I agree. I don’t think they would prank us with all of the rumors going around either. Though, we won’t know until tomorrow.

  • Ross

    Did you notice that his twitter is not public now?

  • daveytrain

    No fliers handed out in Seattle, what am I missing out on? I’ve heard it links to a couple pictures you have already posted here.
    Does anyone have any word on the Supercollider/The Butcher single and if it will indeed have a run limited to 2000 worldwide? Will it be a download too?
    Maybe I should save these ?s for the 32nd Q&A :)

  • Leonhart

    New tweets! Now he claims that tomorrow is March 32nd. Its becoming more interesting)

    Also, Stanley Donwood has stopped following him

  • Now we just have to find out what is beside him that is blurred out in this picture.

    April Fool’s Day is tomorrow so hopefully it all just isn’t a joke ha

  • mjv

    Flyers weren’t distributed in Montreal either… although the man handing out the papers had one pinned to his shirt. He said there weren’t any flyers to hand out, only the newspapers.

    • Josh

      Interesting, not sure what they were for. Maybe it was something to do with the photos that were being taken so you could find it easier.

  • “Reasonably small” doesn’t refer to anything — all his pictures so far have been called that on the front page. It’s just the name used for the smaller thumbnail version of his Twitter pics.

  • valentine ghost

    still seing “eot.jpg” and “Lying Mouth” on my end…

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