Chieftan Mews Tweets

Yesterday on Twitter Chieftan Mews updated his profile picture,  today he sent out the following tweet:


“Newspapers: Super! How about more TV? They say I am not in demand now?! Stitch up job! Go on; enjoy your 25% growth of steamy footage.”

I think he is talking about a webcast on Radiohead.TV.  What do you think he means by, “enjoy your 25% growth of steamy footage.”  Let me know in the comments!!


– Radiohead also sent out the following Tweet from their Twitter account today:


“We’re releasing 2 new songs Supercollider & The Butcher on 12″ for Record Store Day this Saturday 16th across the UK, Japan & Europe”

So, it appears that the 12″ single will be available in Europe and Japan in addition to the UK.

Here is the first photo of the physical copy of the single.


Keep checking back for the latest news on Radiohead and follow me on Twitter to be notified when post any updates/ news to the site here.

Buy the physical edition of The King Of Limbs on here.  My latest YouTube video on Radiohead is here.

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