Chieftan Mews Tweets

Yesterday on Twitter Chieftan Mews updated his profile picture,  today he sent out the following tweet:


“Newspapers: Super! How about more TV? They say I am not in demand now?! Stitch up job! Go on; enjoy your 25% growth of steamy footage.”

I think he is talking about a webcast on Radiohead.TV.  What do you think he means by, “enjoy your 25% growth of steamy footage.”  Let me know in the comments!!


– Radiohead also sent out the following Tweet from their Twitter account today:


“We’re releasing 2 new songs Supercollider & The Butcher on 12″ for Record Store Day this Saturday 16th across the UK, Japan & Europe”

So, it appears that the 12″ single will be available in Europe and Japan in addition to the UK.

Here is the first photo of the physical copy of the single.


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Buy the physical edition of The King Of Limbs on here.  My latest YouTube video on Radiohead is here.

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  • All hail to the thief
, But I'm not..

    at least there was a second part of tkol, Supercollider / The Butcher. hope to May 9 the new surprises, like the art of news paper. enjoy all the good music that have left us for over 20 years.

  • bluecalx

    has anyone picked up on the titles of supercollider/the butcher in relation to separator? these three names are all based around segments/pieces that are either cut up or brought together, supercollider is the joining force to ‘separator’, the branch itself, while the butcher then physically cuts this ‘branch’ off from the trunk of the album, and from the next release. in the context of trees, ‘the butcher’ would be referring not to meat, but to humans themselves in their treatment of trees and the natural landscape. like ‘separator’, it perfectly sets up these tracks for another release, another ‘branch’ as it were

  • Haunt

    Someone has already got hold of the Supercollider/The butcher vinyl and has posted 30 seconds of each song on here:
    The sound quality is sort of rubbish, but both sound like good songs.

  • Scott

    I Suppose we can satisfy that the two track 12″ vinyl that was the prize of the compeition for buying the newspaper album is the butcher/supercollider vinyl coming out on record store day.

  • mjmj

    here’s supercollider (a live version though) but i can’t find the butcher anywhere…..but if you don’t feel like waiting 3 more days, here is is:

    • booboo

      Your not going to find “the butcher” anywhere. It’s never been released or played live. Unless it’s an old song that has been renamed, ie. “Separator”.

  • Nick

    perhaps each season has one single with one video. the lotus flower video was the first 25% footage. the next video would obviously be the next 25% footage and so on. that’s my best guess.

  • lars

    According to the german Amazon ( ‘Supercoolider/The Butcher’ will be released on April 22nd and you can already pre-order it…no idea wether the typo actually means something…

    • booboo

      The reason for this is that some “Record Stores” are actually only online retailers. Per Record Store Day policy any left overs from record store day can’t be resold until a week after RSD is over. In the case of online retailers they have no store front and can only sell them once record store day is over. A week later…

  • inkybrown

    To the people saying the 25% more footage is the 2 new songs after 8 songs on TKOL… nice theory, but you are forgetting the basic aspect that “footage” implies video.

  • SamuelOnionman

    Didn’t Mews reference footage a lil’ while back? something about the footage being erased? At the time, I don’t think it referred to at the time. my guess is that 25% more footage just = the 2 more songs (25% of the 8 tkol tracks). But I am still thinking there’s more than this 25% eventually — if he posted “the four seasons” on your wall that is huge, no? at the same time, the brilliance of the tease is that he adjusted his twitter profile to include: “compulsive liar.” they’re just having a blast with this. basterds!

  • ajezajez

    ok, this actually seems to be what is being discussed below. lol. But its been confusing me for a while as well so maybe it will shed some light for other people as well.

  • ajezajez

    allright. so i dont post “findings” on all i guess.. but this has bugged me for a while so i figured id make mention. When the Universal Sigh was first released/announced i notice buy going to from my phone it would bring up a picture of the newspaper infront of the radiohead logo. Then the tress would grow ect ect.. However, this wasnt happining on my home pc. On IE, FireFox, Chrome… anything. So today i happend to go to DAS with “www.” infront of “” and whala! the news paper! So yea, does the news paper only coem up if you use the “www”?? how is this for everyone else? Also, nromally, (and someone else mentioned this before) the KOL ta, for me, was a dead link. just said error or something. Now, using “www” its insted pulls up an advertisement for the album. This all may have already been discussed but i follow all this pretty religiously and dont recall seeing anything about this at length. And please excuse my horrid spelling and grammer…

  • No, sorry, that’s just a link to the King Of Limbs website, sort of a pop-up window! Probably not loading properly for you, for some reason…

  • GiantTurtle

    Maybe he meant that we enjoy what we have so far … that represents 25% of everything that we’re getting … ie a quarter of the plan in its entirety … theory seasons shines

    • Josh

      Here is a nice example:

      2/8 = 1/4 = 25%

      The 2 songs are from the new record.


      as Hail pointed out

      10/35 = 28%

      which is close to 25%

      • GiantTurtle

        Of course … and if you’re taking the wrong way … I mean he said “footage” that could include “The Universal Sight”, all the artwork, the “Lotus Flower” video, and TKOL … All that could mean 25% of the plan in its entirety …

  • Hey Josh ! I wanted to say that your work is really amazing !
    And I don’t know if you have noticed this but on if you click on the “King of Limbs” tab, there’s a window opening with a sort of loading video but there’s nothing more for the moment… Maybe that’s what Chieftan Mews meant about “TV” ?
    (Sorry for my pitiful english, I’m french…)

    • Josh

      Hey! I noticed this. I hear it is an add, but it is not loading properly for FireFox. Thanks for the kind words, and your English is really good.

  • branche

    how can I know where the vinyl with the singles will be sold here in Portugal? I want it so much !

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