Ed O’Brien interview with BBC 5

Here is a podcast with Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien with BBC 5 that was recorded earlier today.  The podcast is almost an hour long, and there is not much information on here about Radiohead, though they do take a few jabs at Ed about the length of The King Of Limbs.


Ed O’Brien interview by http://www.thekingoflimbs


Here is a video that was sent to me of Thom Yorke handing out copies of The Universal Sigh in London and he refers to Stanley Donwood as Mr Twain.  So, it appears as if Thom is Zachary Wildwood and Stanley Donwood is Donald Twain.  I think most people were under the assumption that Thom = Twain and Stanley = Wildwood.  Thanks to Vitor for sending this to me.  This was originally discovered by Nihsneh or Mortigi Tempo.



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