Supercollider and The Butcher available as a free download on The King Of Limbs website!!

You can now download high quality MP3’s of Supercollider and The Butcher on the official The King Of Limbs website if you have already purchased the album.  Follow this link:


So, as long as you purchased The King Of Limbs album before 3:30pm (GMT) Monday 18th April you can download the songs for free.


Here is the email that the band sent out on this download being available (for some reason not everyone received the email):


Thank you – Merci – Gracias – Grazie – Dankeschön – Obrigado – Gui lah hui te ha – Ashoge – Shukran – Tsikomo – M goi – Tak – Dank u – Vinaka – Aabhar – Köszönöm – Go raibh maith agaibh – Arigato – Tashakkur – Dziekuje – Gestena – Hvala – Tack – Tesekkür ederim – Spasibo – Dêkuji – Sas efharisto ……

Right, that’s most of you covered, apologies to those we’ve missed out … ok, so here are two tracks for your listening pleasure:
Supercollider and The Butcher. We released these as a limited edition 2 track 12inch vinyl to mark Independent Record Store Day last Saturday, April 16 … so in case you missed out and didn’t get a copy here they are.
It’s a thank you for being SO supportive of what we do …

p.s. This is not part of a new loyalty points scheme, a Radiohead clubcard or even an air miles redeemable reward type thing…
It is just a big old-fashioned thank you!

Hope your Spring/Autumn is good.

Ed, Colin, Jonny, Philip & Thom

FYI… ‘The Butcher’ was recorded and mixed during ‘The King of Limbs’ sessions, but we couldn’t make it work on the album; ‘Supercollider’ was started during those sessions and finished off in March of this year.



Notice this download became available exactly 2 months after The King Of Limbs was available for download.  They were both available of the 18th and on a Full Moon…..

Thanks to Nitcus for bringing this to my attention in the comments.


And one last thing.  Remember how everyone has been checking this order status page and adding numbers to it?  Well it has been updated today:


we can download the 2 new tracks
doesn’t work
says BYE
says BYE
let us download only the album but no butcher supercollider
shows the album and a line with “Something something something Darkside” to download
but there’s nothing when we try to download…  (this page has been removed, though below is the pic)
UPDATE: This was an error on behalf of the webmaster for The King Of Limbs official site and has been removed.  So disregard “Something something something Darkside”.

Thanks to Matthias from Paris for originally sending this to me.  Thanks to InkyBrown for sending me the pic.


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