Chieftan Mews Tweets…

Today at about 5:10 PM EST Chieftan Mews sent out the following messages on Twitter:


RT- “radiohead_mx @ChieftanMews You’re a liar anyway. Who’d be willing to sit and chat with you?”


RT- “b_nagel @ChieftanMews has been in contact with you? It’d be nice if you got rehired.”




RT- “stegosaurusbiff @ChieftanMews you are full of horse manure.”


“Your Royal Highness’s! Of Course I’d Like To Sit Around & Chat! Of Course I’d Like To Stay & Chew The Fat! But No One’s Listening!”


RT= ReTweet

Is a Webcast getting closer??  Keep checking back for the latest updates…

He was also talking about a webcast on Facebook last week.


New post on Dead Air Space (Friday April 29th)

It’s about a book titled ‘Wild’ by Jay Griffiths who contributed a story to The Universal Sigh:

I want to spread the word about a book that I read almost exactly a year ago, which I think some of you will adore/recognise/need. It’s a book called ‘Wild’ and it’s written by Jay Griffiths and it is an astonishing piece of writing and it was exactly what I needed to read….
I was not in the greatest of places .. I was feeling low, getting increasingly disturbed and frustrated by the state of pretty much everything in the 21st century, which, can be simply summarised as the inability of the vast majority of our business and political leaders to truly look after the welfare of the vast majority of this planet’s citizens and the earth that we all live on….Nothing new then?! …..Well… this book was truly medicinal and like all great music, it helped to lift me up and pull me out of this low level depression… Reading it, felt like one of those amazing moments in life where one feels an overwhelming sense of relief and amazement that someone could actually be writing about the very things that seemed to be affecting oneself ….. It makes you feel less alone….And it does this in such a beautiful, passionate and raw way ….
If you got a copy of ‘The Universal Sigh’, you will notice that Jay Griffiths contributed a piece to it …. I don’t normally recommend books on DAS, but seeing as I’ve given away probably 20 or so copies of it to friends and family, I thought some of you should know about this … Good luck …



You can check the book ‘Wild’ by Jay Griffiths out on here



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