The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album have been shipped!

There were several people that received their copy of The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album by surprise.  Today there was an email sent out from the W.A.S.T.E. Store confirming that they have all been shipped.


We thought you’d like to know that production was quicker than
we had anticipated, so we are now sending you your copy of
The King Of Limbs Newspaper Edition.

Delivery times are as follows

UK 1 – 5 working days
Europe 4 – 12 working days
Rest of World 7 – 15 working days

We have a few public holidays coming up in the UK, so please take this into account.

We do hope you enjoy.





Radiohead also uploaded the songs Supercollider and The Butcher on their YouTube channel today. There is a rumor going around that their was an actual music video shot for Supercollider a couple of months ago, though I have not heard anything else on it since.

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I have added a page of covers from The King Of Limbs.  Check it out here

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My latest YouTube video on Radiohead is here.


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