New Stanley Donwood blog (05-03-2011)

There was a new blog posted by Stanley Donwood today.  Here is the message he sent out via Twitter at 5:36 PM EST:


“ this years pilton picture/ work continuing on lost angeles: 9 feet down 9 to go”

He posted the following on his blog today:

Some of the time that disappeared lately I spent making artwork for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and the result is above. It ended up okay, or so I like to think. As usual it was very difficult to get right, and some of the pictures I made whilst trying to get it right were so bad they surprised even me, and I’m used to the sorts of horror that I’m capable of. I’ve been making artwork for Glastonbury Festival since 2002, and the pile of rejects is considerable. Last year I did the thing with the big glow-in-the-dark moon, which was fine, but an earlier version looked like a fucking beer mat. Anyway. There’s this year’s, coming soon to a t-shirt and a programme cover. I hope people like it.
Here’s a close-up of the pyramid/tor/rainbow bit.

When I first got the job I wandered around an empty Worthy Farm taking photographs, the pyramid stage just a scaffolding framework, the dank winter fields empty of everything except some cows, but a strange site-memory of the festivals that I’d been to over the years before. The pyramid was built on a leyline that runs through the distant tor, and a big oak tree behind the stage marks the route. There are a lot of books about pyramids and leylines, and some of them are quite good. John Michell, who lived until his recent death in Glastonbury wrote some fantastic books; The View Over Atlantis and The Flying Saucer Vision are both worth reading. Unless you’re a miserable cynic of some kind.
In other matters of tangental interest:
After the depressing failure of the attemt to print Divided Woods we turned our attention to the next picture in that series, entitled Friday Woods. We could have continued with the first, but it would perhaps have been a little sad to work immediately on something that had gone wrong. But! Having learnt a great deal from the failure of Divided Woods I have a certain amount of faith that things will go more smoothly this time.
I’ve also been chiselling away at what will eventually become an eighteen-foot-long linocut of Los Angeles being destroyed by fire, flood and miscellaneous natural and man-made disasters in a quasi-mediaeval style. This is tentatively titled Lost Angeles. I have alluded to this project before, but it had to be put on the back burner whilst I was preoccupied with various facets of The King of Limbs, Radiohead’s recent recording. But now it’s at the front of the queue, and I am officially half-way along. I can only do a few inches a day due to the titchiness of the chisel and the deranged level of detail demanded by my ridiculous personality. Pictures soon, when I get some proofs printed…
Oh yes. I will be making some screenprints of the Glastonbury Festival artwork soon. Big ones, I think. Well, as big as I can fit on the screens.

– 3rd May 2011

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