Jonny Greenwood Interview for Focus Knack Magazine

There is a new interview with Jonny Greenwood in the Belgian magazine “Focus Knack”.  The interview focuses on the Norwegian Wood soundtrack, there are some interesting Radiohead- related things as well.

Fragments in English

There is a new interview with Jonny Greenwood in the Belgian magazine “Focus Knack”, a mag about culture, music, film, art,… It’s mostly about his Norwegian Wood- score, but he also said some interesting Radiohead- related things. I will not translate the whole article (a bit too long for that), but I’ll post the most interesting things below.

– When Tran Anh Hung asked Jonny to compose this score, Jonny refused because he was busy with the new Radiohead- album (tkol). Only when Hung kept asking him, he agreed.

– Jonny’s fondness of film scores is partly a result of the fact that he was searching for the boundaries of pop music with Radiohead.

– After spending so much time with classical music, Jonny fell in love with the guitar again. It almost feels like a brand new instrument when working in the studio with the band. The members of Radiohead used to be scared of real musicians because they’re not classicaly educated and you don’t write pop songs on paper.

– You hear trumpets and strings on The King of Limbs, and they’ll definitively use more types of classical instruments in the future.

– It’s not Jonny’s fault the King of Limbs took 3 years to make. “If you think I’m the difficult one of the band, you’re wrong. Thom is the perfectionist. If it was up to me, we’d bring out a new Radiohead- album every year. But maybe it’s good Thom deliberates everything that long. The albums don’t get worse because of it.”

– In writing a song, Thom normally gives the conversion. He writes the lyrics or half the song and the rest complement it.”


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Jonny Greenwood is performing live with the BBC Orchestra on May 20th and 21st.

Jonny Greenwood & BBC Orchestra


English: Jonny said: “I think they’re proud and a bit interested. No, they don’t come to the concerts, but they ask for recordings. I tell them it’s not the same.


Español:  “Yo creo que ellos (los otros miembros de Radiohead) están orgullosos e interesados con mi trabajo como compositor para BBC Orquestra. Aunque no van a mis conciertos, igual me piden las grabaciones, pero yo les digo que no es lo mismo.”


Jonny Greenwood’s classical piece Doghouse premiered in London last…y  Thanks At Ease  !!

On May 20 and 21, Wordless Music presents the U.S. premiere of Doghouse, the longest and largest work yet for orchestra by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, on a program with the first New York City performance of Philip Glass / David Bowie / Brian Eno’s Symphony No. 4 (“Heroes,” based on the music of Bowie and Eno) and György Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto, all performed by Ensemble Signal with the Wordless Music Orchestra and conductor Brad Lubman. Tickets for the May 20 and May 21 concerts at the New York Society for Ethical Culture are now on sale and going fast.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ensemble Signal with the Wordless Music Orchestra (Brad Lubman, conductor)

Jonny Greenwood: Doghouse, for large orchestra and string trio (2010) (U.S. premiere)

György Ligeti: Chamber Concerto, for thirteen instrumentalists (1969-70)

Philip Glass / David Bowie / Brian Eno: Symphony No. 4 (“Heroes,” based on music of Eno and Bowie) (1996) (New York premiere)

Tickets on sale now: (May 20 show) (May 21 show)

New York Society for Ethical Culture

7pm doors / 8pm show / all ages / $25-35 tickets with $5 service charge

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FAC Interview with Radiohead’s Ed O’brien


Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has described the recent approach to tackling piracy, which included last year’s discussions around the Digital Economy Bill, as “confusing”.

In an interview with 6 Music,  Featured Artists Coalition members O’Brien and Billy Bragg also discussed plans to create a more level playing field for artists and music industry employees, claiming people should be paying less for music.

“People will pay less for stuff, less for albums, it should be easier to licence….we need to get this licensing sorted out,” O’Brien told 6 Music.

Bragg also admitted that peer to peer file sharing was not necessarily a bad thing.

“There is some advantage for artists if they can work with that spirit,” he said.

Hear the interview below:

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