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There was a new blog posted by Stanley Donwood today.  Here is the message he sent out via Twitter today at around 3:00 pm EST:

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I’ve started printing the editions for Lost Angeles. Once again, myself and the indefatigable Cefmor Tallboy cleared the detritus from around the venerable 1860 Albion press and off we went; inking, loading paper, printing, as well as the more arcane arts of frisket preparation, testing and adaptation. As you can see from the picture, space was at a premium as Mr Tallboy is having his workshop rebuilt. Eventually, he tells me, everything will be fine and I won’t have anything to complain about, cf. previous moans about freezing temperatures etc.
The first section of Lost Angeles is the fairytale castle at Disneyland, in Anaheim. I cut this last September, incredibly enough, when I was kidding myself that the whole eighteen feet of it would only take a couple of weeks. I was evidently deluded, and it’s only now, seven months later, that the end of the chiselling of linoleum is actually within sight. Printing it is of course another matter entirely, and one which relies on the goodwill, patience and hard labour of many people besides myself.
I’m planning to make a linocut edition (ie., prints taken directly from the inked lino) of 66, which generally means that we need to print about 90 to get 66 good prints. As there are eighteen sections, this means we will be doing 1,620 prints for the edition of 1,188. I’ve only just worked that out. Hmm.
Anyway, here’s the slowly growing stack of prints:

Now that I’m thinking this through, I’m filled once more with a sense of sustained peril. I am thinking in adult language and there may be scenes of a violent nature, although it is early days, as yet. It’s best not to think too much about these things. It’s best just to do things as if each thing is just itself. Like these little counting marks:


See? It’s fine. I’m up to 64 already. Only 1,556 to go.

In other matters of vaguely interconnected interest:
This is as far as we have got with the successor to the ill-starred Divided Woods, which is a picture called Friday Woods.


I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that the expert screenprinters consulted before we started on this sorry affair were right. It’s not really possible to screenprint this picture. It’s been a very hard lesson to learn, and we’ve tried everything to make it work. But. But we can’t. So…
This print, Friday Woods, and the other, Divided Woods, will be made. However, to maintain the depth, distance, and general sense of unease that are essential to this painting, they will be printed using the very latest in lithographic technology. More information will be posted up here soon, but right now I have to make a cup of tea.

– 17th May 2011


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Update- Some people are speculating that this artwork could be for a new Thom Yorke solo album or related to Atoms For Peace since the artwork is similar.  Read more about it here



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