Will there be a Second Edition of The King Of Limbs Newspaper Album?

Over the past few days there has been some speculation on there being a possible Second Edition to Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs.  Obviously there has been plenty of speculation before the Newspaper Album arrived, though there are some interesting things contained within the Newspaper.

On the cover of the paper in the top left corner it reads “Early Edition” in orange lettering. This was posted by Nick on Mortigi Tempo:  “Of course, if you look at your The King Of Limbs cd, you’ll notice the 8 hands. The first 2 of which are holding up 4 fingers a piece, and are in orange. The orange coincides with the color of the text “Early Edition” found on the newspaper just as the 8 fingers on the orange hands coincides with the 8 songs found on TKOL.”

There are also what appear to be lyrics to other songs in the Newspaper as well.  Even the actual vinyls are etched on the inner rings and they read:  Side One: “Endless Branches” , Side Two: “Uncontrollable”, Side Three: “A Never Ending Mesh”, Side Four: “Intertwined In To Everything”

This was posted by user RadioFire on Mortigi Tempo:

A few words on speculation…

We speculate because we’ve been given signs that Radiohead isn’t done. We make up the theories, we do the speculating, but we aren’t doing this out of thin air. I don’t believe people like Bennyboy and others who quickly dismiss speculation, however crazy, have been completely in the loop. In fact, I feel Bennyboy feels out of the loop and wants someone to inform him, which is why he hangs around speculation threads without any real purpose. Well, to anyone interested, I’ll do my best to lay it out succinctly.

1) Radio silence. Could it mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. The band was quiet after Kid A and bam, Amnesiac hits us. The band again, is being very quiet. They must be receiving interview bids left and right, but they’re turning them down. They only accept interviews about their other projects, Jonny and Phil have both done interviews which signify that they aren’t avoiding all media, they’re SPECIFICALLY AVOIDING questions regarding The King of Limbs. Why is this? Is there something they don’t want to say? Something they don’t want to have to answer?

2) Stanley. Stanley mentioned the completion of “phase 1” after The Universal Sigh, I believe. Phases? He never mentions anything about a second phase, or a third, or a fourth. There won’t be a phase 1 if there isn’t going to be a phase 2. How many phases will there be? What is each phase?

3) The Universal Sigh. It was a fun event, was it not? We got out into the city to our nearest record store and picked up a newspaper with some artwork and lyrics. Thom even distributed some papers personally. Whoa! But what does it all mean? Why did they take pictures and upload them? Why is there a website with all our pictures that has no use now? When my cousin and I wanted to get our picture taken together, why did they insist on getting us individually?

There will be other stuff too, but we haven’t thought of it yet.

This is still on TUS.com

And on TUSJapan, fans had to create Twitter accounts and link it to a “fan-map” by a specific deadline. For what? They also entered personal information such as e-mail and their home addresses, and were told there would be further news from the band, by which they will find out through that medium.

After the fan-map deadline ended, a message, which still appears on TUSJapan, appeared at the end basically saying “stay tuned!” I a mnot a native Japanese speaker but have enough knowledge of the language to know it implies more than just “thank you”, in English, “douzo-otanoshimini” can almost literally be translated to “please anticipate entertainment”. “otanoshimi” is the formal version of “tanoshii” which is the adjective, fun. “Douzo” is a phrase used when presenting something. If Thom wanted to use formal Japanese when giving you a copy of TUS, he would have said “douzo” and handed it to you. Put the two together, and it’s mostly used for “please wait” but the pieces of the phrase imply some sort of future fun.

From here, we can ask a few questions.

1) Could it happen?
2) What would it take for it to happen?

1) Could it happen? Happen as in… more content? We’re already getting From the Basement, beyond that, we do not know. But could there be more art? More music perhaps? Yes. We saw with the Kid A hidden booklet which contained lyrics from songs on Amnesiac that Radiohead is fully capable of throwing such a curve ball.

2) What would it take to happen? I can see more artwork. It’s been 4 years since In Rainbows. Who’s to say they were only ready to release 8 songs? Of those 8 songs, Lotus Flower, Give up the Ghost, and Separator have all been previously performed by Thom. So it’s not like they had to sit down and create it from scratch. Feral didn’t take 4 years to finish.

We did see with Supercollider (which also had seen previous face-time) and the Butcher, that the band had a few songs they were working on that, evidently, was ready for release. Could they have more? There’s a whole list of songs that were previously performed that haven’t had proper studio releases.


Radiohead has stated their intent.

Radiohead has shown the propensity to do something like this in the past.

Radiohead has the means.

Radiohead has had the time.

So yes, speculation may be fruitful. Speculation is warranted. Speculation is needed and should only be taken for pure speculative entertainment.

Source:  Mortigi Tempo



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I wanted to share the following video with everyone.  This is from 2001 in Paris where Radiohead perform both Kid A and Amnesiac.