Radiohead to release The King of Limbs Remixes!

This was posted on Dead Air Space only a few hours ago:


Over the summer, Radiohead will be putting out a series of 12” vinyl releases, using remixes of tracks from The King Of Limbs.

The first release on the 4th July, starts with Little By Little by Caribou and Lotus Flower by Jacques Greene.

They will be available at selected independent record stores and from via The King of Limbs tab.



Here is what the artwork looks like for the 12″


Update: From

XL and Ticker Tape will be handling the releases, which will come out throughout the coming summer via independent record stores and Radiohead’s website (for audio junkies, WAV files of the remixes will also be available from Boomkat and Radiohead’s site).


Keep check back for the latest updates..


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