Radiohead to perform live today at Glastonbury Festival!

Radiohead will be playing live tonight at the Glastonbury festival in the UK this evening!  NME is reporting that  Radiohead are set to return to Glastonbury as the secret act on the Park stage today (Friday 24 June).

Some “special guests” are listed as set to play there at 8pm (BST) – and the Oxfordshire quintet’s spokesperson has confirmed that it is Thom Yorke and co who will be performing.

You can watch a Live streaming of the event here.

Source: NME


It looks as if they will not be broadcasting Radiohead’s performance live.  As soon as photos and videos become available I will post them.  Here is the  setlist:

1. Lotus Flower

2.  15 Step

3. Morning Mr Magpie

4. Little By Little

5. All I Need

6. Separator

7. Give Up The Ghost

8. Arpeggi

9. Staircase

10. I Might Be Wrong

11. Bloom

12. Reckoner

13. Daily Mail

14. Street Spirit



@BBC6MusicNews: Radiohead have come on stage looking a bit dickensian in top hats and hobnail boots


Here is the first photo!

Another photo:

A view from behind the stage:




Clive Deamer who played drums in the ‘Staircase’ video joined the band on stage and played along for most of the set.

Keep checking back for the latest updates.  Feel free to leave link to photos and videos of the performance in the comments.

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