Chieftan Mews Tweets – From The Basement?


Chieftan Mews sent out the following messages via Twitter moments ago:

“If @nigelgod deletes my scenes from the final cut, I will gladly show him a new way down the staircase! ␄”

“@radioheadperu Are you joking with Mews? Space? I won’t even get dead air space from them!”

“It’s all about the music, Mews.” – Some Rubberneck”


Will Mews appear on the From The Basement performance??

He also has as his web address on Twitter, this link was also in the video description on the “Staircase” video that was uploaded on the official Radiohead YouTube account.  It’s possible for The King Of Limbs From The Basement to be streamed on the From The Basement site.

I will update this as soon as I find out more.


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