Are the remixes for The King Of Limbs the next branch?

If you remember back to March of this year there was a theory that Radiohead could release material this year based on the 8 arms in the picture above and the four seasons.

4 seasons.

2 EPs per season.  EPs will alternate between 5-track and 4-track each season, but one season will have two 4-track releases. (count the fingers!)

(the one season with two 4-track releases could be the one
8 track release of winter, TKOL)

They are moving around like on a clock.

Orange= 8 tracks (TKOL), Winter

Yellow= 9 tracks, Spring

Red= 9 tracks, Summer

Brown= 9 tracks, Fall


Read about it in full here.

This was sent to me from Tanner in Canada:


“Josh, I know you posted something like this before, but I think that the fingers on the cd art may be THE clue to The King of Limbs Rumors. So this is the CD (Pic Below) and start at the orange hands, or whatever they are ( the one with 8 points). Now, if you go clockwise to the yellow hands… they have 9 points.. which leads me to believe that the remixes are represented by that hand,because Bloom is being remixed twice, making 9. So then maybe there is going to be a 9 song album, followed by 9 remixes. Makes sense to me!”
Now assuming there are not 2 remixes of another song besides “Bloom” this could be right.  Where would “Supercollider” and “The Butcher” go?  Will “Staircase” and “The Daily Mail” be released soon?  Let me know what you think in the comments.


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