More Radiohead remixes announced

Radiohead are set to release the fourth installment of remixes from their eighth studio album The King Of Limbs.  They will include the Thriller Houseghost remix of “Give up the Ghost”, Illum Sphere’s take on “Codex”, and Shed’s re-do of “Little by Little”.

Source: Pitchfork

The band is set to release a total of 6 or 7 vinyl releases for The King Of Limbs remixes.

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The band said that they’re not exactly sure how many releases will be put out, but it will more than the four which have been communicated earlier. Right now, Radiohead are expecting 6 or 7 vinyl releases of The King Of Limbs releases. Three are already announced, two of them have been released so far. All remixes will be collected on a CD, which is expected for ‘sometime in september’. Vinyls and digital downloads are available here.

Source: At Ease