New Blog post from Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood posted the following on his blog yesterday:

“My apologies for the comparative lack of ‘up-dates’ on this thing. I’ve been very busy with Lost Angeles and various other things of medium to high-level secrecy. Above is a painting called Winterfold which is, I hope, available to be seen with actual eyes in the city of Los Angeles from tonight, here:
Apparently there is a record of the painting leaving the UK but no corresponding record of it arriving in the USA. So it goes, as the late Kurt Vonnegut would say. But there are some new giclée prints there, for sure. Well, there must be something anyway because they’ve put my name on the flyer. So yes, 1103 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Beach, California. From tonight! I believe it’s very warm over there at the moment. ”

– 28th July 2011



I wonder what this “Lost Angeles” project is that he has been working on, and “various other things of medium to high-level secrecy” might be…


Here is a new cover of “Morning Mr Magpie” from Warren of WarrenMusic:



He has also uploaded a guitar lesson for the song here.

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