New Office Chart from Thom Yorke + Chieftan Mews

Thom Yorke posted a new “Office Chart” on Dead Air Space today:

office chart

even though there is no-one in the office.
we’ve gawn fishing.
well i havent.
neither’s anyone else.
the sun comes out occasionally here, but then we get wet.
im not answering me emails. much.
im listening to these.. amongst other things

1. O God Protect Me by Ben Frost
2. Mozaik by Zomby
3. Juke Me From The Back Low by Dj Slugo
4. I Just Woke uP by Wiley
5. Sacred Frequency by Machinedrum
6. Radiance by Surgeon
7. Phoenix(fantastic mr fox remix) by Hyetal
8. German Clap by Modeselektor
9. Hibakusja by Ben Frost
10. The Sun Too Slow by Chris Clark
11. 100%publishing by Wiley
12. Things Fall Apart by Zomby




Chieftan Mews has returned

He sent out the following tweets on August 4th:

“#10: Please @ 1 song that makes you feel energetic & write about it in 1 sentence. (1 answer only, #10 expires August 11, 2011 at 00:00 GMT)”

“At 0:36 I appear in the Zigg only to disappear and reflect to the dark side of the moon. stuck help #10 of 10″

Maybe on August 11th we will be able to see “Supercollider” from their From The Basement performance?

This was a tweet he sent out on July 11th:

@nigelgod that buck, took me out of the final cut so I took Supercollider & some juicy footage before being banished to the Zigg. Stuck.Help”



What song will you send him?