Interesting Tweet from Chieftan Mews – Lost Angeles

Chieftan Mew just sent out a Tweet today around 12:20PM EST:


“@StanleyDonwood I see you have finally cut “Lost Angeles”. Are you going to toss that into the Ziggurat too? I feel guilt when I go jogging.”


Interesting that he mentions Stanley’s Lost Angeles project.


Speaking of Stanley Donwood, he updated his blog back on August 6th:

Yeah, whatever. Here’s a picture from about 1993 or something. It’s called Target Culture Blake, and it’s from a time that has now passed. I put it here for no reason other than I’m slightly nostalgic for the days of photocopiers, scissors, paste, more photocopying, wallpaper paste and the darkness of overlooked neighbourhoods. Never mind, never mind.
The hot news today is that I actually finished cutting Lost Angeles, the eighteen foot long linocut of Los Angeles being destroyed by fire, flood and a meteor storm (in a quasi-mediaeval style). It will still be some time until anyone can see it, as I’ve still got to print it. Don’t hold your breath.
In the meantime, hey, why not riot?

– 6th August 2011

Source: Slowly Downward