Possible new Radiohead songs in the works?

If you remember back to August 2nd it was discovered that there is either a Radiohead or Thom Yorke song titled ‘Twist’ that was recently registered on ASCAP.  The song lists Thom Yorke as the writer of the song.  There are 2 other songs listed on this site as well.  One is for ‘1 02 Stone’, and the other is for ‘2 06 Stone’, these songs show both Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood as the writers of these songs. I also found one titled ‘HYYPIOE’  ,which features the entire band and 3 other people..

If you look at the Work ID # that gives you a good idea of when the song was registered, though it does not give an exact date.


‘The Daily Mail’ (Work ID: 881132452)

‘1 02 Stone’ (Work ID: 882322171)

‘2 06 Stone’ (Work ID: 882322172)

‘Stone’ (Work ID: 882322173)

‘Stone’ (Work ID: 882322174)

‘Bloom’ (Work ID: 882659207)

‘HYYPIOE’ (Work ID: 882810015)

‘Supercollider’ (Work ID: 882929641)

‘Twist’ (Work ID: 883165981)

‘Staircase’ (Work ID: 883194047)


All of the songs containing “Stone” in the title could be related to one of the Soundtracks that Jonny Greenwood has composed, though they do list Thom Yorke as one of the composers.  If you look under only Jonny you will see what I mean.