Atoms For Peace “Lost Angeles”?

With the recent rumors that Atoms For Peace might be releasing an album later this year I thought I would show how similar the Atoms For Peace artwork is to that of Stanley Donwood’s “Lost Angeles” project.

Here is the Atoms For Peace logo (click to enlarge):

Lost Angeles artwork (click to enlarge):

And if you recall on his blog back on July 28th, 2011 he said “I’ve been very busy with Lost Angeles and various other things of medium to high-level secrecy.”


He also added a new blog post today:

I went away for a while and then I came back to find that nothing much had happened. I read no newspapers and watched no television and had no phone or computer. After two weeks ‘nothing’ had happened. The media truly is an ouroboros of sound and fury, signifying… But Celebrity Big Brother is back, so all is not lost.
The two painting pictured in edifying 200px squares above are in the process of being turned into screenprints, and should/will/might be exhibited in a forthcoming exhibition in London. Due to my recent abdication of responsibility I have little recollection of where and when this exhibition might be so I will content myself with ‘getting back to you’ with a further ‘up-date’ in the ‘fullness of time.’

– 27th August 2011


Update (May 1st 2012) –

Stanley Donwood’s ‘Lost Angeles’ exhibit is going on now in Los Angeles, CA.  Over this past weekend Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich previewed a few songs from the forthcoming Atoms For Peace album during a DJ Set in LA.  Check it out here.