Radiohead to tour in 2012! Ed O’Brien working on solo material

In a recent interview with  Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, he reveals that the band will tour next year and that he is working on solo material.

A small bit of very interesting information this morning sent directly by the talented (and very friendly) photographer Samuel Dietz, longtime fan and always well informed, you can admire the work on the site lost-pixel:

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien announced a tour for 2012! “” We’ll play these songs on stage, we reserve the dates at this time “” he said in an exclusive interview to appear soon on Argentine Al Tun Tun: and in association with

O’Brien also thinking of a solo album “I’m writing songs,” he added.

More information soon.

Source:  Radiohead France


UPDATE: September 26th, 2011 Radiohead WILL tour in 2012 according to Thom Yorke and Atoms  For Peace will be releasing an album in the near future.

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The band will be performing on Saturday Night Live next month.

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