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Latest speculation on Radiohead » The King of Limbs Part 2

Latest speculation on Radiohead

As most of you know this site started by following the speculation following Radiohead around their 8th studio album The King Of Limbs.  I wanted to continue to document the latest on the speculation, so here it is..

New Radiohead Album?

From WavingFlag on Mortigi Tempo:

“The King of Limbs, announced on the day of love; i.e. Valentines Day, and released a week later seems to have sent a clear message. This album was about love, happiness, joy, birth, rebirth, life, and nature. Just take a look at the last page of the Newspaper Album itself; a loving embrace. Tis very much a ‘spring’ album, particularly with opener Bloom. It often gives off a sense of a dreamlike wonder, such as in Codex and Separator… Almost a euphoric representation of utopia. But one thing sure didn’t add up… The ghosts, aliens, and zombie references, as found in the Newspaper Album, but particularly during The Universal Sigh event, where signs such as “I see zombies” were posted up. What gives? My suspicions have led me to one conclusion, although an infinite number exists and one seems entirely logical, yet isn’t the conclusion I came to. The conclusion I’ve come to is this: they were sending us a message. A message that this era of music is indeed split in two. One half love and joy, the other side morbid and subdued. Indeed, they were subtly hinting towards a Halloween era release. Zombies, aliens, ghosts, “i see zombies”, “early edition”, etc., not to mention it being 8 months after the release of TKOL as it stands today. Now, with Ed’s confirmation* of a tour for 2012, support builds for the idea of them having wait until the rest of the material was out before they would tour… And the Saturday Night Live appearance fits in perfectly with this theory particularly concerning to the precise timing. And just as speculation has come to an almost desolate grasp at delusion, Chieftan Mews, an obvious marketing ploy used by Radiohead since and before the release of TKOL, begins a countdown scheduled to end shortly before Halloween, just as the remixes end, and a week after the Saturday Night Live performace… It’s coming…

Part 2 is coming, hold on for your life”

Source: Mortigi Tempo


Hidden clues in Newspaper Album?

And if you remember back to when Radiohead released “These Are My Twisted Words” it included 14 pieces of artwork which were discovered to spell out The King Of Limbs.

Here is an interesting point that was sent to me:

In Rainbows had the Hodiau Direkton puzzles ..These Are My Twisted Words had the words The King Of Limbs in the pdf artwork..

perhaps The King Of Limbs newspapers have more clues then one might think..”


Visit http://hodiaudirekton.blogspot.com/ for more information on the In Rainbows puzzles.


The questions from Chieftan Mews are here.