Chieftan Mews Tweets

Chieftan Mews sent out the following tweets around 12:00am (September 8th):

“<Abbatoir noises> #5/10: What’s on agenda at the World Policy Forum in Yaroslavl? Congrats to PJ for answering last week, you won a prize.”


“25 years. Jericho. Friday. Woods. Saturday. Living. Project. Phil’s harmonica. Ago. Carrots&sticks. Bluebook. Mobile Devices & Birds Chirp.”



Here are the previous questions he has asked:

Aug 24th: “#6/10: Which artist of today reminds you of the John Heartfield of yestercentury? (#7 expires Sept 1, #6 expires Sept 8) #rigid #tkol”

Aug 24th: “#7/10: No more hiding: “The atom had a positive, a negative & a neutral” & “Later for the date than the hadron collider” & “I am open.” ??”

Aug 18th: “#8 of 10: Have you really considered that you have been lied to constantly since you were born? (Expires Aug 25 or so)”

Aug 11th: “#9 of 10: What is your personal definition of: ‘freedom’? (exp. 18-Aug)”

Aug 4th: “#10: Please @ 1 song that makes you feel energetic & write about it in 1 sentence. (1 answer only, #10 expires August 11, 2011 at 00:00 GMT)”

When he tweeted last (on August 24th) he quoted lyrics by MF Doom and Jay Electronica.

Speaking Of PJ Harvey, here is her song “This Mess Were In” featuring Thom Yorke