Thom Yorke to appear on BBC Radio 1 with Gilles Peterson September 20th

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is set to appear on Gilles Peterson’s show on BBC Radio 1 program though no exact date has been given yet.  You can send your question to Gilles for the show via Twitter:


“questions for Thom Yorke for a show we’re recording soon…?

You can also visit for more information on the program.

UPDATE September 8, 2011:

The show will air on September 20th:


“I’ve had about 200 questions for Thom Yorke…thank you so much- the show went well but was mainly music driven in the end…out on Sept 20”



Radiohead are set to perform on Saturday Night Live on September 24th and it appears that Chieftan Mews has began counting down to something.