6 Essential Radiohead Concerts (MP3)

Here are 6 Essential Radiohead performances that date all the way back to 1992.

Prague 08/23/09  Download  what can you say about this show that has not been said already? this show is an instant classic as fans put together a multi camera dvd that the band liked so much they authorized it!

Glastonbury 06/28/97  Download  History in the making. although the band played glasto previously, this is the show that would forever fuse the band with the festival.

Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 12/19/97 Download  a gig that was televised. captures the band on the “fitter happier”tour. real gems in this show are “subterranean homesick alien” “let down” and the non-televised “electioneering” which thom dedicates to the girl who has been screaming through the entire show giving him a “screaming headache” also a wonderful version of “nice dream”.

The Metro Chicago 04/04/96  Download  a very early version of “electioneering” one of the vary scarce soundboard recordings from 96.

Hummingbird Center Toronto 06/08/06  Download Part 1 , Part 2  the North American 2006 tour, introducing some In Rainbows material. here we have a nice matrix recording of the full band version of Videotape. The best version I’ve heard.

Huddersfield Polytechnic England 11/11/92  Download  enjoy this early show as it delivers a stunning version of “Blowout”


Thanks to Brian AKA Servo on Mortigi Tempo for putting these together.  You can follow Brian on Twitter @servo1056 and Youtube http://www.youtube.com/servo1056



And if you are in the San Francisco area there is a ballet featuring the music of Radiohead on the 23rd and 24th of September.

TAGsf presents 5×4 at Kunst-Stoff Arts on September 23rd and 24th @8pm
featuring new works Town of Wood by Alex Jenkins NEMESIS by Brian Gibbs


NEMESIS is dance theatre work based on comics and anime. NEMESIS explores the random life encounters that can lead a person to good or evil and delves into the concept of identity. How you are seen vs how you see yourself.
For more info go to btroubles.com and Facebook.

Here is a video of them rehearsing featuring the song “The Butcher”: