Thom Yorke: Atoms For Peace recording music together, Radiohead to tour in 2012

Here are some notes I compiled from tonights show.  Keep checking back for more updates.

Thom Yorke appeared on on BBC Radio 1 with Gilles Peterson and revealed that Atoms For Peace have been working together in the studio. It sounds like they are putting the finishing touches on the album.

“So we ended up at the end of that just getting into the studio and generating some more beats based around some thing I had already.”  “Just finishing that with Nigel at the moment. It’s ongoing as well.”  Thom Yorke on upcoming work with Atoms For Peace

“It will be an album in the same since The Eraser was an album. ” Thom Yorke on Atoms For Peace album.

The band is talking about touring on and off  next year with Clive Deamer of Portishead on drums (In addition to Phil Selway of course!).

“The idea is to go out and play next year on and off during the year.” Thom Yorke on Radiohead touring.

While on the show they played TKOL remix “Little By Little” by Caribou,  “It’s A Crime” by Virgo Four,  “Spitting Bile” by Lukid  “BTSTU” by Jai Paul,  “The White Flash” by Modeselektor featuring Thom Yorke, “Bloom” by Radiohead and many other songs. The full track listing can be seen here.

He also talked about the remixes from The King Of Limbs.

“When it came in, I thought ‘What the hell? But I love it…” Thom Yorke on Mark Pritchard’s RMX of Bloom.

Misc notes from the show:

He talked about DJing at Low End Theory club in Los Angeles, CA.  He said he hadn’t slept for 3 days when he was supposed to show up at Low End Theory and tried to back out,  and that Flying Lotus sent him a picture of the line outside of the club.  He decided to show so there was no riot.

He also talked about recently reading the book “Alone In Berlin” by Hans Fallada and how he loved it.  Check the book out here.

He also mentions that Flea got him listening to Duke Ellington.  That his son is playing drums.  He talks about the 2-disc Remix album coming out in October.   Said he doesn’t have  a favorite track from The King Of Limbs, that he has heard it too many times.  He said he really enjoys playing “Bloom” live.   He said their future show will include Clive on drums.  He just finished reading Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin and loved it. “It’s an amazing book.”  He also say he has only been to Brazil once, but had the time of his life.

You can now listen to the entire program here, or download it here.

You can download the interview part of the show here.