Chieftan Mews Tweets

Chieftan Mews sent out several tweets tonight:

RT “@inkybrown “I asked C&P for a statement about @ChieftanMews . Philip said no comment. Colin said he’s disgusting and he’s not supposed to talk about it”

@inkybrown I was set free by Supercollider. My first line of business was to make sure that those two don’t appear on Late Night on Monday.”

“No, my given name is not Clive.”

RT @TangentBooks “Almost there with new Stanley Donwood collection of short stories. Sorting final artwork today. It’s gonna be a lovely book.”


I will have more on this tomorrow, so be sure to check back

  • I’m actually getting to the point where I’m more than satisfied with TKOL. In the beginning I thought it was one of their worst albums ever, and immediately jumped on the idea of TKOL2.
    But now it’s probably my favorite of their albums, so no matter if a TKOL2 comes out or not, this has been awesome.
    Especially on this website. Thanks Josh!

  • Chris

    new collection of short stories = new album?

    • Ross

      I don’t think so. In his Taglibro 27, Stanley Donwood tells about the coming out of his book called Household Worms.

  • Alden

    I’m sorry but can someone please tell (remind) me what has ever actually come out of these tweets from chieftan mews. Anything real. Maybe I’m just missing some things. I am still oh so optimistic about a TKOL part 2.

    • jabjab

      From the Basement performance and also the Universal Sigh event. Also, Chieftan Mews has been used by the band before the era of facebook and twitter for promotional purposes.

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